Sorairo OP Single – Sorairo

NEKONEKO SOFT’s newest game, “Sorairo”, will be coming out in about 3 weeks (supposed to come out in 2 days on 8/28 but postponed). If NEKONEKO SOFT doesn’t sound familiar to you, it’s the company that made Mizuiro. On a side note, Mizuiro was animated into 2 different versions of OVA, with the 2003 version’s OP featured on my mp3 player playlist, which was also performed by Satou Hiromi. And on another side note, if you haven’t watched the 2003 Mizuiro OVA, go watch it now. Anyway, so, after Mizuiro, now we have Sorairo. The video below is its PV:

The background song is the OP theme on this single. It’s a pretty nice song, enjoy.

Suara – Kizuna

Here comes Suara’s 4th album, “Kizuna“. It’s Suara, I don’t think I need to say much (even though there’re people don’t know who Okui Masami is *cough*).

1. adamant faith
2. Free and Dream
3. Kanajo no Senaka
4. Maiochiru Yuki no You ni
5. TOKYO-days
6. Mata Aeru Sono Hi Made
7. Friends
8. Crystal Tears
9. Shunka Shuutou
12.Tenshi ga Miru Yume

It’s really not needed but I will still tell you this: recommended.

Okui Masami – Self Satisfaction

While Okui Masami and May’n have put out an interesting single together, Okui herself also releases a self-cover album on the same day. If you’re not sure what self-cover album is, it means that she’s singing the songs that she originally wrote (lyrics or music, or both) for others. Here’s the tracklist with the original singer’s name in [ ]:

1. Divine love [Kitadani Hiroshi]
2. STRATEGY [Miyazaki Ui]
3. ADORATION [Miyazaki Ui]
4. Yuunagi [Ohmi Tomoe]
5. Kagaribi [KAORI]
6. KAKERA [Nogawa Sakura]
7. Time Limit [Miyazaki Ui]
8. HONESTY [Takahashi Hiroki]
9. Fuyu no Himawari [Ohmi Tomoe]
10.Float -Sora no Kanata de- [Ohmi Tomoe]
11.KURENAI [Miyazaki Ui]
12.Ienai kara -Piano quintetto- [Ishida Yoko]

It’s pretty interesting to listen to some of them performed by Okui, especially the slow songs which are the majority of this album. Listening to a powerful voice singing a sentimental song like Fuyu no Himawari (from Fuyu on Rondo) from time to time is certainly refreshing.

Touhou Hisouten Soku – Choudokyuu Guignol no Nazo wo Oe

The highly anticipated C76 is over. Some of you might be busy listening to all the CDs, some of you might be busy reading the doujins, some of you might be busy playing the games. Talking about games, if you guys still remember, 8 months ago I wrote a post about SWR. For SWR fans, C76 is a very exciting one because of the release of Hisouten Soku, an expansion which can also be played as standalone (naturally, I would suggest you to get SWR too because you will be missing ALOT of characters otherwise). Since the game came out over the weekend, I haven’t got much of a chance to play it, but so far it’s not disappointing. There might be bugs to fix, there might be aspects to improve, which we can bet on more patches on the way to change those, but it’s definitely way more fun than SWR.

If you want to find out more about the game, visit There are plenty of players on IRC, so come join us now!

Harada Hitomi – eden* Theme Song Single – little explorer

Ever since minori has blocked its website access to people outside of Japan, I bet most of you haven’t really paid attention to the company. While some of you might be still in the reminiscence of ef, minori already has a new game due for next month. minori has just posted the promotion video of the new game, titled “eden*”, on youtube recently:

The background song, which will also be the game’s theme song, is again performed by Harada Hitomi (who sang ef game’s theme song “Yuukyuu no Tsubasa”), and is again written by Tenmon. We have released the FLAC and mp3 version of the theme song’s single so you can hear the full version. What do you think about the new game and its theme song?

Utatsuki Kaori 1st Mini Album “SPYGLASS”

Recently there’re lots of “about time” moments, and this is yet again one of them. While the rest 4 of the Love Planet Five members have already had their full albums, Utatsuki Kaori finally releases a mini one. Anyway, let’s take a look at the tracklist:

1. Spyglass
2. Shining stars bless
3. Chasse
4. Kono Sora no Shita de
5. Lemonade
6. Hoshi no Umi
7. Last song

The album, overall, is pretty nice, but personal favorite is still “Chasse”, which is on my mp3 player playlist. Everyone spin with me together under the sun: La La Lun Lun Lu Lu~

PV of “Spyglass”:

New Background Music

July, again, has passed in a flash. How did you like our July BGM? As I mentioned last month, the title was translated to “Beginning of Summer” — “Natsu no Hajimari”, which is the first track of SUIKA (game) Original Soundtrack, composed by Nekono Comet. Not so surprising, is it? I know quite many of you had heard it before, it was just a bit hard to recall, that’s all. 🙂 If you hadn’t, then I hope you enjoyed it.

Now, from the last week of July till mid-August, it’s the time where there’re lots of raining, lightening, and thundering in various parts of the world. Raining can be a romantic scene, but with all the thundering where you just want to stay indoor… remember when you were a kid, when you stayed at home looking at the thundering outside of the window, didn’t you feel somehow melancholic, and maybe even a little mysterious (e.g. what’s going on outside the window, is there someone suspicious hanging around, etc)? This month’s BGM is the exact fit for that. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

P.S. Thanks to MaXim, we found out who the erhu/niko player of our April BGM is. It’s none other than JIA PENG FANG, who can be said to be the currently most famous erhu player in Japan. You can find a brief introduction about him here.