Touhou Hisouten – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

First post about something not related to music. So while eagerly waiting for Street Fighter 4’s PC version to come out (with network play support hopefully), I’ve been playing this doujin fighting game for the past few weeks, mainly because of its nice built-in network play. Talking about doujin fighting games, I believe Melty Blood series should be the most popular (seeing that there’re arcade versions and even an official version on PS2), but Touhou Project should be pretty well-known too. Never heard of it? Click here to read about it right now, you’re missing out something huge. As for this particular fighting game, you can read up its wiki here, and download the game here. You can always poke me on IRC to see if I’m around for some VS games, or other players in the channel on Mizuumi. There is a #swr too on Rizon but unfortunately it’s practically dead and… argh… gay, so avoid it for now.

One thought on “Touhou Hisouten – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

  1. I know swr better than melty blood, maybe i’m weird in some ways haha. Well, I have not play swr for many months already but I will call you in near future for some games.

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