New look and new additions to mp3 player (more like, DAC player) + Yuki Kajiura LIVE in Hong Kong

It has been almost a year since last update and after receiving a few queries about if LonE is still “alive”, I figured it’s time to write here again. First of all, yes, we are alive. We rarely release now but we are still alive, at least I am still adding new songs to my player from time to time. So with this new look of page that should bring your a “brighter” feel, let’s briefly go over the songs I have added over the past year:

1. …to you [Kawasumi Ayako] (OP of the anime Piano, written and performed by Kawasumi herself. I am not going to comment on her piano playing skill here, but this piece of piano music itself is pretty impressive. As a piano player myself, I truly enjoyed the anime in which Kawasumi voiced as the main character, and this nice little OP written by her)

2. you -Arigatou- [Yuduki] (the “original” version of you, I don’t think I really need to talk about this one, do I?)

3. you -2012 ver.- [Yuduki] (the slightly more upbeat version included in the album “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni -10 Shuunen Kinen CD- you & history”, which I prefer over the original one)

4. Little Busters! -TV animation ver.- [Rita] (while the original version only slightly impressed me, the anime version is just one word: wow! Amazing arrangement, and amazing improvement in singing by Rita too. A song that will rock your day or even your life. Thank you once again for bringing us yet another amazing song, Maeda Jun)

5. Mirai [Kalafina] (the “vocal version” of the transformation music of Mami, one of the girls in Puella Magi Madoka Magica who is best known for losing her head, literally. The transformation music itself is titled Credens justitiam, which is the best transformation music I have heard to date. Talking about Madoka, you might want to check out this little side story of mine)

6. Oshiete Sensei-san [Bottle fairy (Mizuki Nana, Naduka Kaori, Horie Yui, Nonaka Ai)] (OP of Bindume Yousei aka Bottle Fairy. The cutest and shortest full version anime song I have heard to date)

7. Shiawase ni Naru Ban [Lia / Tada Aoi / Rita / Chata] (written by Maeda Jun for celebration of Visual Art’s 20th anniversary. The song’s lyrics is supposed to cover the 4 epic Key works: AIR, Kanon, Little Busters! and CLANNAD)

8. Shin’ai Naru Sekai he [Ceui] (ED song of the August game Aiyoku no Eustia)

9. Close My Eyes [Ami Fujisaki] (insert song of the August game Aiyoku no Eustia)

10.Feel on the wind. [Kasahara Hiroko] (OP of the anime Wind -a breath of heart-. Feels like the anime was such a long time ago)

11.Tooi Sora [Kasahara Hiroko] (c/w song of the OP single of Wind -a breath of heart-. I actually prefer this song much more than the OP)

12.Karakurenai [Kudo Yuka] (OP song of an eroge called Gyakushuu 2 -Miko no Saidan-. I can bet that 99% of you have never heard of that song; just listen to it, it’s a song you don’t want to miss)

13.Restart [KOTOKO] (OP of the iPhone/Android game Ren’ai Replay. As upbeat as the song is, for some reason I can hear a bit of sadness in it… or is it just me?)

14.Largo [KOTOKO] (ED of the iPhone/Android game Ren’ai Replay)

15.Mizuiro [Satou Hiromi] (OP of the game Mizuiro. Should have included that long long time ago)

16.Natsu no Owari no Nirvana [solfa feat.Ceui] (OP of the game Natsu no Owari no Nirvana)

17.moratorium [solfa feat.Ceui] (ED of the game Natsu no Owari no Nirvana. I like the ED better than the OP, it really gives you a “near the end of summer” feel)

18.Prime number -Kimi to Daeru Hi- [Ookura Asuka] (ED2 of the anime Sakurasou no Pat na Kanojo)

19.sign [Ray] (OP of the anime Ano Natsu de Matteru, written by Orito Shinji. Thank you my friends in a certain music channel for recommending me the song and the anime)

20.Vidro Moyou [Yanagi Nagi] (ED of the anime Ano Natsu de Matteru)

21.sister’s noise [fripSide] (OP of the anime Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S. Sounds similar to “only my railgun”)

22.Snow Rain [Ueda Kana] (insert song of the anime Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s, Hayate’s song)

23.Snow Rain -Ver.Holy Night- [Ueda Kana] (“battle version”)

24.The Brave Under The Summer Sky. [Harada Hitomi] (OP of the game Natsuzora no Perseus. Give it a try if you like Tenmon’s music)

25.W:Wonder tale [Tamura Yukari] (ED of the anime Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru. A cute song about a couple’s future)

26.ZERO!! [Kuribayashi Minami] (OP of the anime Hataraku Maou-sama!)

27.Forever Young [Symbol] (one of the three Initial D songs I’m adding. This one appeared in the fourth stage and is my most favorite ID song. The song plays when Takumi used “blind attack” for the first time, how can we ever forget that)

28.I WON’T FALL APART [JAGER] (another Initial D song. This one appeared in the fifth stage, a pretty new one. AE86 has a pair of white wings!)

29.Max Power [Dr. Love feat. D. Essex] (this Initial D song appeared in third stage the movie. AE86 roaring on the snow to save a girl, oh yeah)

As usual, you can find those songs in Download section, with DDL available.

And now about my new player. Recently I have decided to upgrade my portable player and earphones so I ended up grabbing a Astell&Kern AK120 and a pair of Sennheiser IE800 and I can tell you, the listening experience is truly fascinating. Here is a picture of the combination:

I can try to write up a short listening experience sometime if you’re interested. Anyway, I have an extra pair of slightly used IE800 which I would like to sell, condition is almost new and it looks like new. All accessories (unused) and original packaging included. If you are interested in this nice pair of earphones which is short in stock worldwide, please leave your contact details and I will get in touch with you.

Finally, Kajiura will be having a LIVE in Hong Kong in coming September. I am considering attending; feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to go together.