Q: What is lossless music?

A: Quote from wikipedia: “Lossless data compression is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the exact original data to be reconstructed from the compressed data. The term lossless is in contrast to lossy data compression, which only allows an approximation of the original data to be reconstructed, in exchange for better compression rates.” That’s why lossless music files are usually huge because there’s no data loss, as opposed to lossy music format such as mp3.


Q: Why should I listen to lossless music?

A: I know a lot of people say they can’t hear any difference between a high bitrate lossy music file (e.g. 320kbps mp3) and a lossless one. While a good audio equipment (and a pair of good ears) is essential to bringing out the quality of lossless music, you should be able to tell the difference for some music or songs even with mediocre equipments, such as ones with heavy bass. If I have to find a word to differentiate lossless music from lossy ones, it would be “richness”. 


Q: How to play LonE’s releases?

A: On PC computers, we recommend foobar. With default installation it plays our most popular format of releases, FLAC. It also has lots of neat functions and features that you will grow to like. For Winamp users, you can find the plugin of FLAC on this page. Some portable music players nowadays also support lossless music file by default, but if not, you can always try your luck with the modified firmware Rockbox.


Q: Is LosslessONE affiliated to the anime group AnimeONE in any way?

A: Yes and no. Our founder, Joon, and co-founder, guuchan, are staff members of AnimeONE (AonE), but we are not exactly an affiliated group of AonE. LonE and AonE are run independently of each other. However, we do share the common goal of bringing the best quality of what we do to our audiences.


Q: How about LossyONE?

A: Yes, LossyONE is a subdivision of LosslessONE. LossyONE’s releases are also tagged as [LonE], but you can tell they are LossyONE releases with the file format, which is most likely mp3.


Q: Aren’t you guys a lossless group? Why LossyONE?

A: Please refer to this post and its comments.


Q: Is there an easy way to join your IRC channel without installing any software?

A: Yes. Click on IRC Channel under the “LINK” section on our main page, fill in the nickname you desire, and click “Connect”.


Q: Are there any rules for your IRC channel?

A: Nothing particular really. Other than those of common sense/knowledge such as don’t annoy the OPs and no spamming/flooding, we don’t really have any rules. You can talk about anything and everything, even if not related to music. We do appreciate though if you refrain from “trolling”, i.e. making absolutely meaningless conversation.


Q: I have questions about your releases/I got albums I would like to contribute, who should I contact?

A: Join our channel on IRC at #LosslessONE@irc.rizon.net and message “guuchan”. You can also email me at guuchan@rizon.net, but messaging me on IRC would be the fastest way. I might not be around to read your message right away, but I will see it later whenever I drop by the computer.