Even though it’s called “SOUNDTRACK”, it’s all songs in this special album. As usual, let’s take a look at the tracklist:

1. Fochu Bread [Katakiri Rekka]
2. Leaf ticket [KOTOKO]
3. Fatally [KOTOKO]
4. Just Be With You [Sakura Saori]
5. allegretto -Sora to Kimi- [KOTOKO]
6. Emphatic -short version- [ave;new feat.C;LINE]
7. Vanille Rouge [Sakura Saori]
8. Lilies line [KOTOKO]
9. Divine [ave;new feat.C;LINE]
10.Arcadia Parade [Katakiri Rekka]
12.I need magic -Tokenai Maji Kyun- [KOTOKO]
13.pile up HURRICANE! [Nakagawa Haruna]
14.Hurea Complex [NANA]
15.Restoration -Chinmoku no Sora- [KOTOKO]


  • I’m not sure if track 1’s title is “Fochu Bread” or “Fortune Bread”;
  • Track 6, Emphatic, is subtitled “short version”, but it’s full version alright. I have the full version song, and it’s the exact same song/length. No idea why it says short version here.


A few of the songs should be pretty well-known, like “Leaf ticket”, “pile up HURRICANE!”, “Restoration -Chinmoku no Sora-” (we just released the single of it recently), etc. However, even if you haven’t heard the rest, they are all really nice songs, that’s why I won’t have any personal picks this time. “Emphatic” still remains as one of my favorite upbeat game songs, though.

eufonius – Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- OP&ED Single – Kono Koe ga Todoitara

Canvas, the series that brought us lots of memoriable things. The can’t-be-any-cuter Tachibana Amane, the impressive OP song “Autumn Destiny”, the anime that surprised lots and lots of people “Canvas2 -Nijiiro no Sketch-“, the girl that stole lots of our hearts — Housen Elise, the OP song that I would name as one of the all-time top 10 game songs “Plastic Smile” (game version >>> anime version, I’m telling you). So, riding on its success, here comes the 3rd installment of this series, “Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait-“. Anyone smells an anime of it coming sometime by next year?

Here’s the OP movie of the game, featuring “Kono Koe ga Todoitara” as background song:


Personally I don’t think eufonius’ song fits this series (the OP movie itself should show — they try to make it fit with the song, but it just doesn’t feel quite right), but as someone said, eufonius is eufonius. Enjoy. 🙂

Shikata Akiko – Harmonia

So I was talked into ripping Shikata Akiko’s newest album, Harmonia. First of all, if the name Shikata Akiko doesn’t ring a bell for you, read this.

Now let’s take a look at the songs included in this album:

1. Chouwa -Fuurai no Shirabe-
2. Haruka Naru Tabiji
3. Kiseki
4. Kaze to Rashiban
5. Chouwa -Honoo no Kyoumei-
6. Uzumebi
7. Replicare
8. Umineko no Naku Koro ni -Rengoku-
9. Chouwa -Utakata no Komoriuta-
10.Kuon no Umi
11.Aoiro Kandume
13.Chouwa -Daichi no Sanka-
14.Utau Oka -Salavec rhaplanca.-
16.Chouwa -Harmonia-
17.Harmonia -Mihatenu Chi he-


  • On English wiki it says track 6’s title is “Uzumibi”, but it should be “Uzumebi”. It’s in the scans;
  • On English wiki it says track 12’s title is “Tsuisou Hana”. Even though I don’t have any hard evidence/proof to back me up, I go for “Tsuisouka”.

I’m not exactly familiar with her songs (I don’t get the hype of the umineko song, by the way), so this is the first time I listen to a dozen and half plus of her songs at one go. Basically I would describe them as fantasy-style folk songs. Personal picks of this album are track 2, 3, 10, 11 and 15. I believe this album will entertain some others a lot more than me, so for those of you, enjoy.

Little Wing works album “Thanksgiving”

A collection of game OPs and EDs produced by Little Wing. All songs written by MANYO. For singers of the individual songs, refer to the tracklist below:

1. toy memory [Marie]
2. seven colors [Mitose Noriko]
3. Valhalla [Rita]
4. all the way [aya]
5. Ruri no Tori [Shimotsuki Haruka]
6. Sakura no Ki no Shita de [Marie]
7. Natsuboshi [KAKO]
8. Junka [KAKO]*
9. Starry Eyes [Katakiri Rekka]
10.hépatique [Marie]
11.ever green [Marie]
12.TIME [Katakiri Rekka]
13.Aoi Sora no Omoi de [Katakiri Rekka]
14.Mirai he no Omajinai [Katakiri Rekka]
15.Kanata [Touka Kiya]**

*No, the song title is not “Megu Natsu”

**I’m sure the given name is Kiya (喜也), but I’m not sure about the Touka (東迦) part. If you know it’s supposed to be pronounced otherwise, preferably with proof or something to back you up, please post in comment.


Let’s see… personal favorite is track 5, “Ruri no Tori” (Shimotsukin ftw after all). The two songs performed by KAKO are pretty nice too. If you want to listen to some game songs for a change, get this album.

PS Talking about game song, there’s something to look forward to this week, possibly within the next day or even hours. Stay tuned.

ef – a tale of melodies. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2 -felice-

Since I introduced the 1st soundtrack, here comes the 2nd, “felice“. Let’s see… I would say the featured BGM of this OST is the 10th track, “It returns to the dark”. I bet some of you might say it’s the 33rd, “It through all eternity”, but it’s the 10th one that makes me feel like seeing a grand, heroic ending in front of my eyes, regardless of the anime scene it’s played in. An image (insert?) song, the lyrics’ed version of “A moon filled sky”, performed by Mizuki’s seiyuu, is also included in this OST.

Mamiko Noto Character Song Collection

If you claim yourself as a Noto fan, how many of the character names below (for the monologues) can you recognize without looking them up? Take up the challenge and find out at the bottom of this post!

1. Kimi he no Tabi
2. Monologue [Azuma Haduki meets Lilica Evett]
3. Feel the glow
4. Yuugao -album version-
5. Monologue [Ana Coppola]
6. Made in Onnanoko
7. Zinc White
8. MORE…
9. Monologue [Satou Ayano]
11.Monologue [Satou Ayano meets Amaha Masane]
12.Ashita no Te
13.Monologue [Amaha Masane meets Shihou Matsuri]
14.Yasou no Hibi ni
15.Monologue [Shihou Matsuri meets Konoe Fumina]
16.Kaze no Yukue
17.Monologue [Konoe Fumina meets Watarase Kinu]
18.strawberry story
19.Monologue [Watarase Kinu meets Shijou Mitsuki]
20.Aozora loop (Shijou Mitsuki ver.) -album version-
21.Monologue [Shijou Mitsuki]
22.Taisetsu na Koto
23.Sono Basho he


Answer key (don’t cheat or Noto-sama will hate your forever):

Azuma Haduki – Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito


Ana Coppola – Ichigo Mashimaro

Satou Ayano – Joshi Kousei aka Girl’s High

Amaha Masane – Witchblade

Shihou Matsuri – sola

Konoe Fumina – Shakugan no Shana II

Watarase Kinu – Tetsudou Musume

Shijou Mitsuki – KimiKiss pure rouge

Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle- OP Single – Shinsei Philosophy

Finally, one of the the much expected hit games of the year, Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle-, is out. There’re crazy people out there with the $50 Feena towel *cough*, there’re crazy people out there staying up all night and day tackling the game, but regardless of those, of course we need to hear the OP of it, so here we bring you the single with OP performed by Veil ∞ Yui Yamamoto, and insert song performed by chicchi. And for those who are interested in seeing the PV of it (yes, the background song is the OP):

Chant with me together: FEENA!

PS Can anyone confirm if the chicchi here is the 11-year-old genius girl who plays guitar?