eufonius – Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- OP&ED Single – Kono Koe ga Todoitara

Canvas, the series that brought us lots of memoriable things. The can’t-be-any-cuter Tachibana Amane, the impressive OP song “Autumn Destiny”, the anime that surprised lots and lots of people “Canvas2 -Nijiiro no Sketch-“, the girl that stole lots of our hearts — Housen Elise, the OP song that I would name as one of the all-time top 10 game songs “Plastic Smile” (game version >>> anime version, I’m telling you). So, riding on its success, here comes the 3rd installment of this series, “Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait-“. Anyone smells an anime of it coming sometime by next year?

Here’s the OP movie of the game, featuring “Kono Koe ga Todoitara” as background song:


Personally I don’t think eufonius’ song fits this series (the OP movie itself should show — they try to make it fit with the song, but it just doesn’t feel quite right), but as someone said, eufonius is eufonius. Enjoy. 🙂

One thought on “eufonius – Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- OP&ED Single – Kono Koe ga Todoitara

  1. well, I have liked eufonius songs since Polyphonica and true tears 😀

    and, personally I think the song in this game is as beautiful as ever, though it may not fit the game fully 🙂

    btw, thx for Sora o Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai album..
    gonna love that one since it contains Yuuki Aira’s song besides eufonius’s and Ceui’s >_<

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