ELISA’s 2nd album – Rouge Adolescence

After a VERY fast year (pretty much exactly one year, since her 1st album was released on 1/21, 2009), here comes her 2nd album. As you can imagine, her new hit songs after the 1st album, namely Hayate2 OP “Wonder Wind” and Railgun ED “Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he-“, are included in this album. On an interesting note: Railgun ED2 “Real Force”, is also featured in this album, even though its single has yet to be released. Let’s take a look at the complete tracklist:

1. Prologue of Rouge Adolescence
2. Wonder Wind
3. Real Force
4. Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he-
5. Snowy Bell
6. Rinrin to
7. Absolute Perfection (Interlude)
8. Waterland
9. Seihitsu no Prophesia
10.Absolute Perfection
11.Itsukushimi no Bolero
12.Epilogue of Rouge Adolescence

Personal picks are track 6, 8, and 10.

solfa heart to heart -from iyunaline to solfa 2-

If you still remember, we released solfa’s album solfa further along -from iyunaline to solfa- a few months ago. In case you haven’t got it yet, you should, because it’s a pretty nice album (I even have 2 songs from it added to my mp3 pack). Introducing the 2nd album, solfa heart to heart -from iyunaline to solfa 2-, it features most of the singers from the 1st album. Here’s the tracklist with the complete list of artists:

1. heart to heart [Katakiri Rekka]*
2. Midoriiro no Yume [Annabel]
3. Kuro to Shiro no Shirabe [yuiko]
4. step up! [Rita]
5. shooting star [Yuuki]
6. No.51 [Duca]
7. Mizu no Naka no Kumo [yanaginagi]
8. voice [Chata]
9. brand new beat [Itou Kanako]
10.Yukou yo Jupiter he [Yuuki]
11.LOVELY TRACKS [Kotsuki Miya]
12.Fuyu no Okurimono [Yuiduki Sora]
13.Salary Gunman no Kouya [iyuna]
*This “heart to heart” is not ToHeart2’s OP; it’s a different song

I haven’t had the chance to listen to it carefully, so I’m not sure about my favorite songs of this album, but track 2 and 11 seemed to catch my attention when I skimmed through the album. As for “heart to heart”, of course it’s not comparable to that “Heart to Heart”, but it’s not bad either. I do find it interesting though for Katakiri to sing this song, there’s just something unusual about it comparing to the songs she usually sings.


After way over a year of VOL.5 (which we did release, but unfortunately the torrent is lost), VOL.6 is finally out. Most of the songs on the list should be familiar to you.

1. just now [Clap]
2. Kibou no Kaze [Motoda Emi]
3. Kimi dake no Tabiji [Suara]
4. SADAME [Yuzuki Ryouka]
5. Kimi ga Tame [Suara]
6. Remote Viewing [Okui Masami]
7. Ichibanboshi [Suara]
8. Heart to Heart [Uehara Rena]
9. Cosmos no You ni [Uehara Rena]
10.Shin Utawarerumono no Theme [Koyama Tsuyoshi]
11.just now -ReMIX- [Clap]
12.Heart to Heart -ReMIX- [Uehara Rena]

The one song that needs to be mentioned is “Heart to Heart”.  To me, it is one of the best Leaf songs, if not of all game songs. If you have my mp3 song pack, Nakayama Arisa’s version is there. As you can see, there is a different version in this album, performed by Uehara Rena. Both of them are official, one being the original ToHeart2 OP, and the other being the OP of ToHeart2 AnotherDays, the sequel game. Which version do you prefer? I would like you all to vote in the poll at the bottom of this post. Below are the links to full samples of them for your convenience:

Heart to Heart [Nakayama Arisa] (ToHeart2 OP)
Heart to Heart [Uehara Rena] (ToHeart2 AnotherDays OP)

FF – Fate Festival (nope, not Final Fantasy)

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for 2010. 🙂

On 12/23, 3 Fate-related CDs were released on the same day, hence this post’s title “Fate Festival” (yeah, I made it up. It’s not a CD/series’ name or anything). We already released the first one, Tainaka Sachi’s “Mariage -tribute to Fate-“, earlier this week. In case you missed it, it’s Tainaka performing various songs from the Fate series, mainly the game ones (except “disillusion”, of which she is the original singer):

1. disillusion
2. days
3. memory
4. Over The Mountain
5. Sakura Saite
6. hollow
7. Bokutachi no Mirai
8. Ougon no Kagayaki
9. Link

In case you have never heard the original versions or forgot how they sound, here comes the second CD, “Fate/Recapture -original songs collection-“, with the (original) singer’s name in [ ]:

2. days [CHINO]
3. memory [M.H.]
4. Over The Mountain [rhu]
5. Sakura Saite [Haruka Futaki]
6. hollow [NUMBER 201 feat. rhu]
7. ataraxia [rhu]
8. Bokutachi no Mirai [NUMBER 201 feat. rhu]
9. Ougon no Kagayaki [NUMBER 201 feat. MAKI]
10.Link [NUMBER 201 feat. rhu]
11.Yume no Owari [Kawai Eri]
12.Alive [NUMBER 201 feat. Aramaki Youko]*
13.THIS ILLUSION -recapture ver.- [M.H.]
14.hollow -201 remix- [NUMBER 201 feat. rhu]
*Aramaki Youko is the same person as “MAKI”

Since there’s a collection for games, you can imagine there’s also a collection for the anime. Introducing the last CD, “ricordanza -Fate/stay night TV song collection-“, it features most of the songs from the show.

1. disillusion [Tainaka Sachi]
2. Kirameku Namida ha Hoshi ni [Tainaka Sachi]
3. Anata ga Ita Mori [Manami]*
4. Hikari [Manami]*
5. La sola [Sasaki Hisako]
6. Kimi to no Ashita [Tainaka Sachi]
7. Tooi Yume [Kawasumi Ayako aka Saber]
8. KIRARI [Ueda Kana aka Tohsaka Rin]
9. Egao Hitotsu de [Shitaya Noriko aka Matou Sakura]
10.imitation [Tainaka Sachi]
*Manami is the singer of Jukai

How do you like 2010 starting with the Fate Festival? Better yet, the festival doesn’t end here. In case you didn’t know already, the F/sn movie, Unlimited Blade Works, will be in theatre later this month on 1/23. Here’s the trailer for you to get hyped for it: