After way over a year of VOL.5 (which we did release, but unfortunately the torrent is lost), VOL.6 is finally out. Most of the songs on the list should be familiar to you.

1. just now [Clap]
2. Kibou no Kaze [Motoda Emi]
3. Kimi dake no Tabiji [Suara]
4. SADAME [Yuzuki Ryouka]
5. Kimi ga Tame [Suara]
6. Remote Viewing [Okui Masami]
7. Ichibanboshi [Suara]
8. Heart to Heart [Uehara Rena]
9. Cosmos no You ni [Uehara Rena]
10.Shin Utawarerumono no Theme [Koyama Tsuyoshi]
11.just now -ReMIX- [Clap]
12.Heart to Heart -ReMIX- [Uehara Rena]

The one song that needs to be mentioned is “Heart to Heart”.  To me, it is one of the best Leaf songs, if not of all game songs. If you have my mp3 song pack, Nakayama Arisa’s version is there. As you can see, there is a different version in this album, performed by Uehara Rena. Both of them are official, one being the original ToHeart2 OP, and the other being the OP of ToHeart2 AnotherDays, the sequel game. Which version do you prefer? I would like you all to vote in the poll at the bottom of this post. Below are the links to full samples of them for your convenience:

Heart to Heart [Nakayama Arisa] (ToHeart2 OP)
Heart to Heart [Uehara Rena] (ToHeart2 AnotherDays OP)


  1. too much old songs, and yeah, heart to heart is lovely. bet my friend will love remote viewing as she’s a big fan of makkun lol

  2. nakayama’s version is better for me.. and why does she not singing anymore.. i dont know but rena’s voice never really quite get into me.

  3. @mda000: we all wonder about that too. I love Nakayama’s voice, it really fits songs like “Heart to Heart” (or even “Tears to Tiara” in my mp3 pack). I mean, I understand that she’s just one of the many who disappeared without a trace, but still, it’s such a pity that we don’t get to hear more songs from her. 😦

  4. I absolutely love Heart to Heart. Hopefully Arisa will come back strong one day. I also enjoyed her comic party songs, BRAND NEW DAY and Fly.

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