Infinity+Integral perfect Vocals -Never7 Ever17 Remember11 12RIVEN-

Years after a theme song collection of Memories Off series was released, they finally decided to do one for the Infinity series too. Don’t you have a “oh, about time” feeling? I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t played all the 4 games of the series (personally I haven’t either. I still need to play Never7 someday), but I believe quite many of you have played at least one of them, namely Ever17. If you recall, we even used one of its sound tracks “Karma” as our blog BGM. I can type up a whole article about how epic that game was but I will save it here. 🙂 Anyway, about this album, it should consist the theme songs of all the Infinity games, which of course including “LeMU -Haruka Naru Lemuria Tairiku-“. Doesn’t listening to it make you feel nostalgic?

Tracklist (song title [game title OP/ED] [artist]):
1. Sen’oku no Hoshikuzu Furasu Yono Sora [Never7 -the end of infinity- PSP OP] [Asriel]
2. TREASURE DREAM [Never7 -the end of infinity- ED] [Kawashima Yuuka (CV: Kawakami Tomoko)]
3. Hokorobishi Hana [Never7 -the end of infinity- PSP ED] [Asriel]
4. It’s a fine day [Ever17 -the out of infinity- PSP OP] [Imai Asami]
5. LeMU -Haruka Naru Lemuria Tairiku- [Ever17 -the out of infinity- OP] [KAORI]
6. The Azure -Ao no Kioku- [Ever17 -the out of infinity- PSP ED] [Imai Asami]
7. Aqua Stripe [Ever17 -the out of infinity- ED] [Kasahara Hiroko]
8. Uchuu no Stencil [Remember11 -the age of infinity- PSP OP] [Miyazaki Ui]
9. little prophet [Remember11 -the age of infinity- OP] [KAORI]
10.Kirenai Knife [Remember11 -the age of infinity- PSP ED] [Miyazaki Ui]
11.Darkness of chaos [Remember11 -the age of infinity- ED] [Minagawa Junko]
12.Toki no Nai Sekai [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- PSP OP] [Sakakibara Yui]
13.third bridge [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- OP] [KAORI]
14.Distance [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- PSP ED] [Sakakibara Yui]
15.Process [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- ED] [KAORI]


If you listened to my mp3 player playlist, you should have noticed that there’s 1 track that somehow doesn’t really fit with the rest. That 1 track, trance version of “Tsuki to Yozora to Houkiboshi”, is in Ayane’s trance album “HYPER MOE TRANCE AYANE” from 2 years ago. Now, 2 years later, a second one finally came out. This time, like last album, the selected songs are none other than her really famous ones, starting with yet one of my most favorite songs of hers, “Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tame ni”.

1. Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tame ni
4. Private place
5. Drive on dragoon
7. Endless Tears…
8. Kimi ga Ita Shouko ni
9. cloudier sky
10.Lunatic Tears…
11.Eien no Memories
12.Heart no SEASON~cover

Two suggestions: 1) this is a trance album, so try to get the lossless version. Unless you’re half deaf and your speaker/headphone is self-made, you should be able to hear the difference easily; and 2) if you like this album and you didn’t get the first one, then you should. Personally I think first album’s mixes are better than this one’s.

Ceui’s 1st Album – Glassy Heaven

Since this is Ceui’s first album, I can understand that it’d be kind of hard to include all her good songs in a period of three years, but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that “Hikari to Yami to Toki no Hate” and “Binkan na Fuukei” aren’t there. Nevertheless, with songs like “mellow melody” and “Kokoro no Tsubasa”, this album definitely worths your attention.

1. Uka
2. Qualia
3. Frozen Tear
4. Prayer
5. dreamscape
6. mellow melody
7. Towa no Kotoba
8. espacio
9. Paranoia
10.Prelude -Unmei no Kakera-
11.Madoromi no Rakuen
12.Seisen Spectale*
13.Kokoro no Tsubasa

*I believe the song title should be “Seisen Spectacle”, but it says “Spectale” in the single’s booklet, so I just follow it.

Natsu to YURIA

When sitting around during these hot summer days, I have the tendency to listen to various songs related to summer. From quintessential favorites such as the AIR OST, to vocal songs about summer, I feel they’re perfect for getting one in the mood for the season. One of my favorite artists who is certainly no stranger to summer songs is YURIA:

Summer Days


Natsu no Melody


She sang numerous game songs classics (SHUFFLE, Canvas 2, School Days) and quite a few anime songs (GRAVION, Canvas 2, Sumomomo Momomo) too. Not to mention she also does the voice of Ama Shigure in SHUFFLE.
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Horie Yui – HONEY JET!!

After one and a half year, hocchan finally released another album. The previous album, “Darling“, had quite a few nice songs, but overall speaking this one is slightly better. I still think “Kami-sama Onegai” from “Darling” is the most passionate song I have ever heard from hocchan though (if you know about my mp3 player playlist, that song is on it).

1. moment
2. JET!!
3. Secret Garden
4. prism
5. Vanilla Salt
6. Spica
7. silky heart
8. Get up and Go
9. Peppermint Days
10.Love Countdown
11.Blue Rainy Days
12.Kimi no Soba ni

Personal picks from this album are track 1, 11, and 12 (I know, I know, the Toradora songs are not among my picks). Track 13 “Dear…”, on the other hand, is an interesting one. It’s only 1:51 long but it’s in pure English. Yes, it’s English, not Engrish, because you can actually understand 99% of the lyrics without looking at the booklet. Kudos to hocchan. I believe that’s her first English song? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Finally, whether you’re her fan or not, I hope you will enjoy this new album of hers, “HONEY JET!!“. 🙂

Natsu no Arashi! Character Song Album “Utagoe Kissa Hakobune”

One of the reasons I’m writing this is to post the tracklist and the singers, but the album itself also worths mentioning. This character song album, unlike usual ones, have a collection of songs with quite unique styles. Some of them reminds me of songs from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, some of them have a feel of blues, and some of them have a heavy traditional taste. In addition to the list of popular seiyuu (singers), I’d suggest you to give this album a try.

1. Hito Natsu no Keiken [Arashiyama Sayoko (CV: Shiraishi Ryouko)]
2. Kokoro no Tabi [Yasaka Hajime (CV: Sanpei Yuuko)]
3. Yoake no Scat [Kaja (CV: Naduka Kaori)]
4. Koi no Dial 6700 [Kamigamo Jun (CV: Omigawa Chiaki)]
5. Dou ni mo Tomaranai [Master (CV: Nabatame Hitomi)]
6. Minato no Yoko, Yokohama, Yokosuka [Gurasan (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki)]
7. Kuroneko no Tango [Yayoi (CV: Nonaka Ai)]
8. Kassai [Kanako (CV: Horie Yui)]
9. Akuma ga Nikui [Arashiyama Sayoko & Yasaka Hajime (CV: Shiraishi Ryouko & Sanpei Yuuko)]
10.Southpaw [Arashiyama Sayoko & Kaja (CV: Shiraishi Ryouko & Naduka Kaori)]
11.Tokyo Boogie-woogie [Yasaka Hajime (CV: Sanpei Yuuko)]
12.Koori no Sekai [Yasaka Hajime (CV: Sanpei Yuuko)]
13.Yume ha Yoru Hiraku [Master (CV: Nabatame Hitomi)]

EVANGELION:2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. original sound track

I believe I don’t really have to introduce this soundtrack, e.g. all BGM tracks composed by Sagisu Shiro, yada yada. The songs in this 2-disc special edition are the ones worth mentioning though. “Kyou no Hi ha Sayounara” and “Tsubasa wo Kudasai”, the two really famous children songs/lullabies, are included in this OST, performed by Hayashibara Megumi. You might notice they are included again on DISC II, but they’re slightly different — the chorus of the versions on that disc is backed up by Suginami Shounen Shoujo Gasshoudan. Sounds familiar? That children choir is the really famous one who performed for various songs from Miyazaki movies, e.g. (Gasshou) Kimi wo Nosete from Laputa/Castle in the Sky. Those songs alone already make this OST a very special one, so enjoy. 🙂

EVANGELION:2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. original sound track
1. 2EM01_B01 “At The Very Beginning”
2. 2EM03_0908
3. 2EM04_E4
4. 2EM05_KK_B09
5. 2EM06_KK_B16
6. 2EM07_KK_B09_InDoor
7. 2EM08_B17
9. 2EM10_KK_C01_AddGuit
14.2EM15_0938 “Destiny”
15.2EM16_0944 “Fate”
18.2EM19_Sor: Mozart Shudai ni Yoru Hensoukyoku (Gekichuukyoku)
26.Kyou no Hi ha Sayounara [Hayashibara Megumi]
27.2EM31_0948 “In My Spirit”
28.2EM32_0910 “Keep Your Head Above The Mayhem”
29.2EM33_0902 “The Final Decision We All Must Take”
31.2EM35_Nu02 “Carnage”
33.Tsubasa wo Kudasai [Hayashibara Megumi]
35.Furimukanaide (Gekichuukyoku) [The Peanuts]
36.Koi no Kisetsu (Gekichuukyoku) [Kon Youko & Pinky & Killers]

1. At The Very Beginning (2EM01)
2. L’Agresseur (2EM03)
3. Ambassadrice Rouge (2EM04)
4. Des Cordes: opus1 (2EM18)
5. Destiny (2EM15)
6. Fate (2EM16)
7. Robe des Champs (2EM20)
8. Des Cordes: opus2 (2EM18)
9. Tranquillite (2EM25)
10.Les Betes (2EM29)
11.Kyou no Hi ha Sayounara -Tribute to “Sound of Music” [Hayashibara Megumi]
12.In My Spirit (2EM31)
13.Keep Your Heads Above The Mayhem (2EM32)
14.Instabilite: Orchestre (2EM22)
15.The Final Decision We All Must Take (2EM33)
16.Evanescence: mouvement 1 (2EM34)
17.Evanescence: mouvement 2 (2EM34)
18.Evanescence: mouvement 3 (2EM34)
19.Carnage (2EM35)
20.Sin From Genesis (2EM36)
21.Tsubasa wo Kudasai -Tribute to “Sound of Music” [Hayashibara Megumi]
22.Instabilite: Piano Solo (2EM17)
23.Mellow 2009 (2EM18)