Natsu to YURIA

When sitting around during these hot summer days, I have the tendency to listen to various songs related to summer. From quintessential favorites such as the AIR OST, to vocal songs about summer, I feel they’re perfect for getting one in the mood for the season. One of my favorite artists who is certainly no stranger to summer songs is YURIA:

Summer Days


Natsu no Melody


She sang numerous game songs classics (SHUFFLE, Canvas 2, School Days) and quite a few anime songs (GRAVION, Canvas 2, Sumomomo Momomo) too. Not to mention she also does the voice of Ama Shigure in SHUFFLE.

“Hey, I remember her now! Haven’t heard about her for a while, what has she been up to?”

She quit her anime/bishoujo game song career and created an indie punk rock band.

In fact, if you are in Belgium on the 17th of October, you can even hear her band perform!

Metal Female Voice Fest VII

Metal Female Voice Fest VII

The name of the band? PINKYDOODLEPOODLE. You can listen to their songs here.

While YURIA (btw she’s married now too) did have a rock influence in her later songs (especially as Honey Bee), to come from such songs as Plastic Smile and Boy Meets Girl to this type of music… is a slight shock, to say the least. I wondered why I hadn’t seen her on a game project for years now, and this is probably the answer. (Though there was indeed the period where she was experimenting as re-in.Carnation∞YURIA.) So it seems she has decided to move on from her years of bishoujo gaming vocals for a new challenge. (Yappari BISHOUJOGAME HA KIRAI? – Say it ain’t so!)

Her final bishoujo game song? The ending theme song for 2007’s Magus TaleArigatou.

Thank you, for all of your songs, YURIA. ;_;

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