Ceui’s 1st Album – Glassy Heaven

Since this is Ceui’s first album, I can understand that it’d be kind of hard to include all her good songs in a period of three years, but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that “Hikari to Yami to Toki no Hate” and “Binkan na Fuukei” aren’t there. Nevertheless, with songs like “mellow melody” and “Kokoro no Tsubasa”, this album definitely worths your attention.

1. Uka
2. Qualia
3. Frozen Tear
4. Prayer
5. dreamscape
6. mellow melody
7. Towa no Kotoba
8. espacio
9. Paranoia
10.Prelude -Unmei no Kakera-
11.Madoromi no Rakuen
12.Seisen Spectale*
13.Kokoro no Tsubasa

*I believe the song title should be “Seisen Spectacle”, but it says “Spectale” in the single’s booklet, so I just follow it.

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