If you listened to my mp3 player playlist, you should have noticed that there’s 1 track that somehow doesn’t really fit with the rest. That 1 track, trance version of “Tsuki to Yozora to Houkiboshi”, is in Ayane’s trance album “HYPER MOE TRANCE AYANE” from 2 years ago. Now, 2 years later, a second one finally came out. This time, like last album, the selected songs are none other than her really famous ones, starting with yet one of my most favorite songs of hers, “Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tame ni”.

1. Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tame ni
4. Private place
5. Drive on dragoon
7. Endless Tears…
8. Kimi ga Ita Shouko ni
9. cloudier sky
10.Lunatic Tears…
11.Eien no Memories
12.Heart no SEASON~cover

Two suggestions: 1) this is a trance album, so try to get the lossless version. Unless you’re half deaf and your speaker/headphone is self-made, you should be able to hear the difference easily; and 2) if you like this album and you didn’t get the first one, then you should. Personally I think first album’s mixes are better than this one’s.

6 thoughts on “HYPER MOE TRANCE AYANE 2

  1. Hi there,thanks for the releases. I’m probably what you describe as half deaf, because I can’t hear any dif between lossy and lossless. Every time when I compared I couldn’t really tell the dif.I’m always aiming for quality,but 500MB vs 180MB? Could you please give me an advice on what I should concetrate?
    Oh and btw, what do use for listening (software,headphones,equalizer)? Thanks

  2. You’re welcome, omgwtfbbq. I can understand if it’s a quiet piece such as piano music, but for something with heavy bass, it should be pretty easy to hear the difference. Software usually doesn’t matter much (e.g. winamp, foobar), and personally I don’t really use equalizer functions. I like it original. As for headphone, it depends on your budget. For <$100, a digital one is preferred (i.e. USB). My headphone is far, far from a fancy/expensive one, but I'm pretty happy with it with its price. It's a Plantronics DSP 750. But of course, in the end, it all boils down to your ears, your most important asset when it comes to music. Sensitive ears can easily hear the difference, but if yours are not, then you can try to concentrate on listening to the bass. That's the area where lossless shows its power the most, without the amplification of equalizer, speaker amplifier or anything.

  3. hi, thanks for posting it :D, but is it possible to reseed first Ayane trance album, there are no seeds, and few ppl are stuck at 88.2%

  4. Thank you for posting this! I got this and the first from your IRC channel – and it’s been quite an inspiration for my passion of playing around with music (click my name for what I did).

    Now I’m on the look-out for similar compilations of trance mixes by other artists!

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