Kalafina – Red Moon

First of all, I would like to take this chance to thank edogawaconan again for providing us the scans of Kalafina’s previous album, Seventh Heaven. Now let’s take a look at their new album, Red Moon:

1. red moon
2. Hikari no Senritsu
3. Te to Te to Me to Me
4. fantasia
5. Haru ha Kogane no Yume no Naka*
6. Kyrie
7. Yami no Uta
8. Hoshi no Utai
9. storia
13.I have a dream
*As opposed to what’s listed on English wikipedia and pretty much every other sites, it’s not “..Ougon no Yume..”

Other than “Hikari no Senritsu” that I already added onto my mp3 player (by the way, I will write a post soon of the new songs I added), my choices from this album are “Kyrie” and “I have a dream”, especially the latter one. It’s a very concert-encore-like song. For your information, “I have a dream” is the theme song of the movie of “Eve no Jikan”, which is airing in theatres right now. I might consider adding that song onto my mp3 player.

New Background Music

After I mentioned that our February BGM was highly related to yuinyan, I got quite a few people asking me for the title of the game. So did any of you recognize it or figure it out by yourself? Lately I’m in gaming mood, so after finishing a few in the past month, I picked the title screen music of one of them for our March’s BGM. If you don’t recognize it right away and are interested for hints of it, they are: 1) the game is ranked 22nd on a certain ranking; and 2) it was adapted into anime. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.