Atelier Vocal Historia 1997-2009

So I have finally got around to rip this album, “Atelier Vocal  Historia 1997-2009“. Why the album is 1.2GB+? The tracklist should explain everything.

1. Sukidatta Ehon (Vocal Version) [Mitose Noriko]
2. Hajimari no Oka (Vocal Version) [Mizusawa Yuuki]
3. Elle Gramnad [Takahashi Miko]
4. Haruka na Toki no Kanata demo [Chiba Saeko]
5. Omoide wo Se ni Shite [Chiba Saeko]
6. Hakuya Gensoutan [Shimotsuki Haruka]
7. Ayumu Michi [Horie Mami]
8. silent rhyme [Horie Mami]
9. Run for your life [Shimotsuki Haruka]
10.Yume no Mirai he -Gasshouban- [Gust Staff]
11.Nee [Marie]
12.Sirius [Marie]
13.STIGMATA [Mitose Noriko]
14.TOGGLE [Mizusawa Yuuki]

1. My Silly Days [Marie]
2. Kibou Tsugeru Kane -Gasshouban- [Gust Staff]
3. Namenloses Licht [Izumi Yuuto]
4. Sail [Yanagi Mami]
5. Maware Rondo [Nagasawa Miki]
6. Ashita ni Nareba [Nagasawa Miki]
7. Ashita ni Nareba -Jazz piano v.- [Horie Mami]
8. Ashita ni Nareba Remix [Horie Mami]
9. Umi wo Aogu [Nagakura Shuue]
10.Kono Aoi Sora no Shita [Nagakura Shuue]
11.Kono Aoi Sora no Shita Remix [Nagakura Shuue]
12.Eternal Story [Shimotsuki Haruka]
13.Tabadachi no Tobira [Horie Mami]

1. schwarzweiβ -Kiri no Mukou ni Tsunagaru Sekai- [Shimotsuki Haruka † Revo]
2. Flowers In The Rain [Katakiri Rekka]
3. Lorelei [Mitose Noriko]
4. Taisetsu na Kotoba [Ishibashi Yuuko]
5. Mirai wo Shinjite [Nasu Megumi]
6. Ashiato [Horie Mami]
7. Ashiato -Jazz Arrange Version- [Horie Mami]
8. The Way of Eternity [Horie Mami]
9. Mou Hitotsu no Motogatari [Higashino Yumi]
10.Takaramono [Katakiri Rekka]
11.Friday [Yanagi Mami]
12.Shiny [Yanagi Mami]
13.LA FOLIA [Shimotsuki Haruka]

Basically all the songs you can think of from Atelier are there. If your HDD space or bandwidth really can’t afford it but you still want it badly, hold your horses. We might bring you a surprise later.

LonE’s C75 releases – wave 3

Yeah yeah, I know C75 has been over for 3 weeks now, but when something good pops up it shouldn’t be just ignored, right? 😉

First release is Aneimo Vocal Collection. If you have got our releases of its soundtracks before, you should know how the theme songs by KOTOKO (1st game, “Fusion Star”) and Kawada Mami (2nd stage, “melty snow”) sound like, but nevertheless, this time we also get to hear the theme songs of some other “side games” of Aneimo, performed by Utatsuki Kaori, Satou Hiromi, and Sakakibara Yui. Sounds pretty attractive, yeah?

Second release is PRISM ARK “Chibi Kagura no Bouken” Theme Song Single – Chicchana Bouken, performed by Momoi Haruko. I’m not exactly a fan of hers, but I know there’re plenty out there. A cutesy song that might enchant you with its cuteness. Effect guaranteed for her fans.

ave;new – casket

First of all, happy Chinese new year! Hopefully the year of Ox will bring all of you good fortunes. For the first release of the new year, we bring you the new album of ave;new, “casket“. It’s a compliation of their game songs. Here’s the complete tracklist of the album:

1. arcane (feat. YU-KI)
2. Longing (feat. Sakura Saori)
3. true my heart (feat. Sakura Saori)
4. Eternal Wish (feat. Sakura Saori)
5. Dearness (feat. Sakura Saori)
6. Sayonara no Kawari ni (Tsugumi Ryou Ryouseikai Gasshoudan)
7. pieces -piano vocal ver.- (feat. Oosaki Miwa)
8. Emphatic (feat. C; LINE)
9. Primula Juliae (feat. Sakura Saori)
10.emit -original edit- (feat. a.k.a.dRESS)
11.Awayuki (feat. Sakura Saori)
12.Divine (feat. C; LINE)
13.∞LOVERS (feat. Sakura Saori)

ELISA’s 1st album – white pulsation

Finally her 1st album “white pulsation” is out. As you can expect, all her ef songs are on it (i.e. euphoric field, ebullient future). Nabari no Ou ED1 “HIKARI” is there too of course, plus quite a few other new songs, so it’s definitely worth getting (not mentioning she’s quite a looker :D). I have also uploaded the PVs that came with the album DVD, you can click the links below to watch.


Nabari no Ou ED1 PV – HIKARI (tv size)

ef – a tale of memories. OP PV – euphoric field (tv size)

ef – a tale of melodies. OP PV – ebullient future

ef – a tale of melodies. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -elegia-

ef, don’t you just love it. It might have made you sad, it might have made you cry, it might have made you /wrist, but whether you love the show or hate it, its music should have impressed you. Here we introduce the 1st OST of melodies, “elegia“. The 15th track, “Twins, separate place”, is the featured track of this OST (although personally I think the 17th track of memories’ 2nd OST fortissimo, “True feelings”, is the most epic). Enjoy. 🙂