Mamiko Noto Character Song Collection

If you claim yourself as a Noto fan, how many of the character names below (for the monologues) can you recognize without looking them up? Take up the challenge and find out at the bottom of this post!

1. Kimi he no Tabi
2. Monologue [Azuma Haduki meets Lilica Evett]
3. Feel the glow
4. Yuugao -album version-
5. Monologue [Ana Coppola]
6. Made in Onnanoko
7. Zinc White
8. MORE…
9. Monologue [Satou Ayano]
11.Monologue [Satou Ayano meets Amaha Masane]
12.Ashita no Te
13.Monologue [Amaha Masane meets Shihou Matsuri]
14.Yasou no Hibi ni
15.Monologue [Shihou Matsuri meets Konoe Fumina]
16.Kaze no Yukue
17.Monologue [Konoe Fumina meets Watarase Kinu]
18.strawberry story
19.Monologue [Watarase Kinu meets Shijou Mitsuki]
20.Aozora loop (Shijou Mitsuki ver.) -album version-
21.Monologue [Shijou Mitsuki]
22.Taisetsu na Koto
23.Sono Basho he


Answer key (don’t cheat or Noto-sama will hate your forever):

Azuma Haduki – Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito


Ana Coppola – Ichigo Mashimaro

Satou Ayano – Joshi Kousei aka Girl’s High

Amaha Masane – Witchblade

Shihou Matsuri – sola

Konoe Fumina – Shakugan no Shana II

Watarase Kinu – Tetsudou Musume

Shijou Mitsuki – KimiKiss pure rouge

3 thoughts on “Mamiko Noto Character Song Collection

  1. So what if I scrolled down to the answers without even reading the questions? What should I check off in the poll?

  2. I saw Kuroshitsuji ED2 on TT, but you guys never release ED1 >___>”
    Still, thanks for those awesome releases. Please keep up the work.

  3. @Anonymous: you would still know in your heart which ones you were supposed to know and which ones you weren’t by looking at the answers. I believe at least one or two of those who said they knew all the answers just picked it because of the comment inside the parentheses. 😛

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