Sorairo OP Single – Sorairo

NEKONEKO SOFT’s newest game, “Sorairo”, will be coming out in about 3 weeks (supposed to come out in 2 days on 8/28 but postponed). If NEKONEKO SOFT doesn’t sound familiar to you, it’s the company that made Mizuiro. On a side note, Mizuiro was animated into 2 different versions of OVA, with the 2003 version’s OP featured on my mp3 player playlist, which was also performed by Satou Hiromi. And on another side note, if you haven’t watched the 2003 Mizuiro OVA, go watch it now. Anyway, so, after Mizuiro, now we have Sorairo. The video below is its PV:

The background song is the OP theme on this single. It’s a pretty nice song, enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Sorairo OP Single – Sorairo

  1. The demo was really enjoyable when I played it. It definitely has a remnant feeling of Mizuiro.

    Definitely looking forward to trying it in Dec.

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