New Background Music

July, again, has passed in a flash. How did you like our July BGM? As I mentioned last month, the title was translated to “Beginning of Summer” — “Natsu no Hajimari”, which is the first track of SUIKA (game) Original Soundtrack, composed by Nekono Comet. Not so surprising, is it? I know quite many of you had heard it before, it was just a bit hard to recall, that’s all. 🙂 If you hadn’t, then I hope you enjoyed it.

Now, from the last week of July till mid-August, it’s the time where there’re lots of raining, lightening, and thundering in various parts of the world. Raining can be a romantic scene, but with all the thundering where you just want to stay indoor… remember when you were a kid, when you stayed at home looking at the thundering outside of the window, didn’t you feel somehow melancholic, and maybe even a little mysterious (e.g. what’s going on outside the window, is there someone suspicious hanging around, etc)? This month’s BGM is the exact fit for that. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

P.S. Thanks to MaXim, we found out who the erhu/niko player of our April BGM is. It’s none other than JIA PENG FANG, who can be said to be the currently most famous erhu player in Japan. You can find a brief introduction about him here.

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