Harada Hitomi – eden* Theme Song Single – little explorer

Ever since minori has blocked its website access to people outside of Japan, I bet most of you haven’t really paid attention to the company. While some of you might be still in the reminiscence of ef, minori already has a new game due for next month. minori has just posted the promotion video of the new game, titled “eden*”, on youtube recently:

The background song, which will also be the game’s theme song, is again performed by Harada Hitomi (who sang ef game’s theme song “Yuukyuu no Tsubasa”), and is again written by Tenmon. We have released the FLAC and mp3 version of the theme song’s single so you can hear the full version. What do you think about the new game and its theme song?

7 thoughts on “Harada Hitomi – eden* Theme Song Single – little explorer

  1. I think i’ll say like tomoyoafter , it’s a nice song , but I can’t say I prefer it either. maybe after 200 listen non-stop, lol.
    Sleek animation though , I could have sworn it was by shinkai , but the credit say otherwise.
    Thanks for the release ~

  2. Shinkai never got credited for ef’s demo movie either, although most people know it was done by him. It still has that “Shinkai” feel to it, so I’m banking on that he was involved with it.

  3. @Nis: Shinkai was credited in ef’s, in both first and latter. Interesting enough, he’s credited during the exact same time frame in both, 2:06-2:11.

    first tale:

    latter tale:

  4. I don’t think it’s Shinkai’s video… I’m almost sure of it. But the song is nice, as always (*loves Tenmon’s works*)

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