Okui Masami – Self Satisfaction

While Okui Masami and May’n have put out an interesting single together, Okui herself also releases a self-cover album on the same day. If you’re not sure what self-cover album is, it means that she’s singing the songs that she originally wrote (lyrics or music, or both) for others. Here’s the tracklist with the original singer’s name in [ ]:

1. Divine love [Kitadani Hiroshi]
2. STRATEGY [Miyazaki Ui]
3. ADORATION [Miyazaki Ui]
4. Yuunagi [Ohmi Tomoe]
5. Kagaribi [KAORI]
6. KAKERA [Nogawa Sakura]
7. Time Limit [Miyazaki Ui]
8. HONESTY [Takahashi Hiroki]
9. Fuyu no Himawari [Ohmi Tomoe]
10.Float -Sora no Kanata de- [Ohmi Tomoe]
11.KURENAI [Miyazaki Ui]
12.Ienai kara -Piano quintetto- [Ishida Yoko]

It’s pretty interesting to listen to some of them performed by Okui, especially the slow songs which are the majority of this album. Listening to a powerful voice singing a sentimental song like Fuyu no Himawari (from Fuyu on Rondo) from time to time is certainly refreshing.

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