Theme Song of Visual Art’s 20th Anniversary: Orpheus -Kimi to Kanaderu Ashita he no Uta- + New additions to mp3 player + ACGHK 2012

I’m sure most of you know VA already but in case you don’t, Key‘s website URL ( would give you a clue that Key is one of its game brands. Music-wise, I’ve Sound and Key Sounds Label are two of its music labels, which is why you see all these artists (i.e. Lia, Tada Aoi, Kawada Mami, Shimamiya Eiko, KOTOKO, Utatsuki Kaori, Chata, Rita, LiSA, Kitazawa Ayako [solo for 2nd track]) singing this anniversary song with its music written by Orito Shinji and lyrics written by VA’s president, Baba Takahiro. I said before that Orito’s work would be either hit or miss, so you must be wondering how this one turns out. And with that many artists, you would imagine identifying which section is sung by which artist is going to be quite a challenge, which in fact personally I’m not sure on a few of them, as much as I’m familiar with each of the individal artists. So how about listening to it yourself and let us know in comment? 🙂

For my mp3 player, together with Orpheus, I have added a couple of new songs to it since my last update. You can find them in Download section, with DDL available.

1. Orpheus -Kimi to Kanaderu Ashita he no Uta- [Lia, Tada Aoi, Kawada Mami, Shimamiya Eiko, KOTOKO, Utatsuki Kaori, Chata, Rita, LiSA]
2. Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare [May’n] (mentioned in this post)
3. For You [Rie fu] (mentioned in this post)
4. Dolce [Katakiri Rekka] (mentioned in this post)
5. Plastic Smile (Nijiiro Guitar VERSION) [Honey Bee (YURIA)] (the song itself remains as one of my top favorites. I already got the two other versions on my mp3 player and one day while listening to them, I figured I might as well include the other one for completeness sake and hence here it is. To be honest though, I still think this version is the comparatively the worst among the three, with the original game version being the best followed by Nijiiro Chorus MIX)
6. emotional flutter [Harada Hitomi] (OP of the PC game ef – the latter tale. I have no idea why I didn’t include this song earlier, which is as good as “Yuukyuu no Tsubasa”, OP of ef – the first tale. The bridge with violin from 1:48 to 2:28 is simply amazing. I also love the introduction section)
7. Sora ha Takaku Kaze ha Utau [Haruna Luna] (ED2 of Fate/Zero, written by Kajiura Yuki. As noted by someone, the whole song is in minor tone, which means it’s not exactly a cheerful song. Well, you wouldn’t expect one from Fate/Zero, will you?)
8. Hoshikaze no Horoscope [Nomiko] (OP of Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi. Introduction of the song, i.e. first two lines, really attracts me for some reason. Rest of the song is quite enjoyable too)
9. Scarlet [Iwao Junko] (while revamping my anime list I noticed I had somehow forgotten to include this song. OP of Ayashi of Ceres, one of the best shows to start off the millennium. If you haven’t watched it already, you should do so right now. By the way, talking about my anime list, you can check it out here if you’re interested)

Finally. I think some of you might be interested to know that I will be visiting ACGHK 2012 that will be held from 27 to 31 July. I haven’t decided on the exact date yet; if you would like to discuss about it with me and/or others, you’re welcome to join #ACGHK. That should tell you where I am located right now. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Theme Song of Visual Art’s 20th Anniversary: Orpheus -Kimi to Kanaderu Ashita he no Uta- + New additions to mp3 player + ACGHK 2012

  1. Here’s my take on the order of the artists’ appearances:

    Lia -> Rita -> Kawada Mami -> Shimamiya Eiko -> Tada Aoi (L) -> All -> KOTOKO -> Utatsuki Kaori -> Rita -> Chata -> LiSA (L) -> All (1) -> Shimamiya Eiko (L) -> Lia (1) -> Kawada Mami (1) -> Lia + Kawada Mami (1) -> All

    (L) = long
    (1) = one-liner

    • Hehe, I will be releasing from time to time. Seeing how the p2p world is now, it’s a very good chance that all the releases we are putting out these days are direct CD rips. I say “we” because some of the LonE’s releases are thanks to the contributions of a certain private music group’s members.

  2. Your taste in music is amazing! Those ‘songs on your mp3 player’ are some of the greatest I’ve ever found. You introduced me to so many great songs. Thanks a ton for them.
    Anyhow onto this post:
    Sadly I didn’t like “1. Orpheus…” even though I am an immensely big key fan.
    The second, third, fourth and ninth songs are great!
    “Plastic Smile” is a classic, how can I possibly dislike it?! “Emotional Flutter” is nice however it’s not a song I can keep on repeat because it will bore me after a few listens.
    Seventh song is amazing! I’ve had the eighth song since a long time, I love it immensely.

    • Thank you too for your appreciation. 🙂 Always glad to run into someone having similar tastes as mine.

      Regarding the VA 20th anniversary’s theme song, as you mentioned you are a huge key fan, you might be delighted to know that there is another anniversary-related song from an event-only CD – Shiawase ni Naru Ban, written by Maeda Jun and performed by Lia, Tada Aoi, Rita and Chata. On my first hearing I found the song just okay but after giving it more chances, the song really grew on me and now I’m trying to spend some big money to a get ahold of that CD. Here is a youtube link to that song (and the c/w song performed by Tada Aoi on that CD):

      The song’s lyrics is supposed to cover the 4 epic Key works: AIR, Kanon, Little Busters! and CLANNAD, by the way.

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