Rewrite OP&ED Single – Philosophyz

Yes, I’m still alive, and LonE is still alive too! Life did get busy as I expected, but I will keep LonE alive by releasing from time to time. Thank you all for those who left comments to my last post below. 🙂

I believe most of you should have heard of “Rewrite” already, Key’s upcoming new game to be on sale in April. If you haven’t yet, here is the PV:

Orito Shinji (you better know who he is) wrote the OP. I’m going to refrain from commenting on the song for now; instead I would like hear what you guys think. Please let me know in comments.

P.S. I added a song to my mp3 collection, “Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare” by May’n (yes, about time). You can find it in Download section with DDL available.

34 thoughts on “Rewrite OP&ED Single – Philosophyz

  1. I miss your releases too! *-* Thanks God you still alive XD and I was waiting for this single too, the music is beautiful *-*

  2. Thanks for the release! The song is nice, I’m really waiting for this game and I’ll probably buy it, but for some reason, I always hate the main girl from Key’s game lol.

  3. Didn’t like the piece that much. As in “at all”. First repulse might be that the instruments involved, especially those back guitars, are not my cup of tea.

    But I do remember the name ever since the tremendously profound effect Kanon’s “Kaze wo matta hi 1” ( has had on me.

    Quite a few of good items were there in Clannad, and “Day Game” from Little Busters! is great, too.

    • Hear, hear.

      I always say Orito’s works are either hits or misses, and unfortunately this one belongs to the latter case. I’m not going to write it off just set, because in Key’s case, there were situations like “Light colors” that I didn’t fall in love right away and “Little Busters!” (the song) that I didn’t like at first, so I will give “Philosophyz” more time. But yeah, so far it’s a definite miss for me.

    • Philosophyz was actually arranged by a2c (atsushi) from MintJam, and yes, those guitars is his signature. And KSL been working with MintJam since Little Busters, if I’m not mistaken. I found myself kinda like their rock-ballad score. And the second track was created by NanosizeMir themselves. I think this explain why the music is a `miss` for Orito.

    • I was just talking about “Philosophyz” as in that song alone. I didn’t mention “Yami no Kanata he” because it wasn’t even wo… cough. 😛

  4. Thank you all for the welcoming. I can’t guarantee when the next release will be but it will happen.

    For my comments about “Philosophyz”, please see my reply to pinkythecow above.

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  6. Been a long time. 🙂

    I kind of like Philosophyz, but it’s not the best from Orito (for me at least). The electric guitars might be a little strong for works typical of Key, but it’s not too bad a touch.

    Sounds more like a typical anisong though, but I think I’ll like it more given some time.

    • Listening to it more (been switching between it, Monochrome ~version de I’apprivoiser and Connect), it’s starting to grow on me.

      Feels like a Little Busters! deja vu.

  7. WB guuchan! Missed You a lot 🙂
    Regarding the song, It seems like one of those songs that require more time to like them. Not good from the start, but there’s something in there. Perhaps.

  8. Wow, you’re back. Nice to “see” you again.
    AFA the opening is concerned, IMO, it’s not bad, but unlike others, this doesn’t really “grab” me.
    The opening for Angel Beats, and Shingyouji’s “Waiting for your love were the strongest in recent experience…
    IC, there are anime songs you DON’T skip over even when watching a dozen eps in a row… this isn’t one of those. (again, IMO, and my tastes are very eclectic).

  9. Welcome back, I missed you a lot.
    I like the guitars in Philosophyz. And the second track is a nice ballad with a good piano touch.
    Thanks for uploading.

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