Aiyoku no Eustia OP&ED Singles

Welcome to my first release in Europe. Yes, I’m somewhere in Europe right now. I would never imagine myself being in Europe when I made the Taking a break post a year ago. And I’m not here to travel, either. I guess you can just never expect where life will take you.

About the game: new work of AUGUST, on sale today. The AUGUST that created Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na with my dearest Feena. As for this game, Aiyoku no Eustia, it looks dark but very attractive. If you have yet to see the PV, here it is:

Ceui performs both OP and ED, I don’t think I really need to comment about her. OP single got OP plus insert song plus 2 arrangements of OP, while ED single got ED plus another insert song plus 2 arrangements of ED. All 4 songs are good, including the 2 insert songs performed by different singers. This set of OP&ED singles is highly recommended, and the game itself seems recommendable too. I myself don’t really have the time to try it out, if someone here is going to, please share with us how the game turns out.

P.S. I added a song to my mp3 collection, “For You” by Rie fu (Hourou Musuko ED. You should watch the show if you haven’t yet, it gets pretty good when it progresses). The song doesn’t really get to you right away, but give it a few more tries and you will feel the sweetness of it. You can find it in Download section with DDL available.

15 thoughts on “Aiyoku no Eustia OP&ED Singles

  1. Welcome back in business. Once again all I have to do to be sure it’ll be top quality, is to type “LonE” into search engine of my favourite torrent site.

  2. As for the game, it seems interesting. I’ll try it out when I get myself a copy. It’ll likely get an anime adaption in 2-3 years just as the case with other August games.
    (Sorry for double post)

    • Games get adapted fast these days, can be done in like 2-3 months, so we never know. But for now, let’s enjoy the songs. 🙂 Among the 4 songs, I like “Close My Eyes” the most.

  3. Ahh I want this game to be turn in anime because a lot of games with same plot get an anime but this type doesn’ t >_> And the music “for you” is lovely right? I love the anime too, and I want a second season now! XD And very thanks for the singles, I was waiting for these *-*

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  5. This game left a huge hole in me ~_~ It is very very good.

    The story is average to above average, but the execution is just awesome. Very sad story.

    They need to make a fan disk.

  6. Yes! Just finished the game, and it was great! Love how it all builds up into one big story through all the heroines. Sure the plot maybe be a bit cliche and simple if one were to think deeply about it, but as coli said the execution is just awesome. Before playing the game, the songs were just nice, but now when I listen to them it’s almost heart rending 😡

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