Sakura no Sora to, Kimi no Koto -Sweet Petals For My Dear- Special Disk

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting or even aware of this game. I just stumbled across it accidentally. Like usual, I checked out the PV, then the song samples. And guess what, after Aiyoku no Eustia‘s delights, I came across yet a very pleasant surprise. The ED, Katakiri Rekka’s “Dolce”, really caught my attention and made me addicted to it so badly that I kept looping to a sample! So I got this special disk which features the original, piano arrangement by Kouda Masato, and off vocal versions of each of the OP (“Kimi ni Todoku Made” by Rita), ED (“Dolce” by Katakiri Rekka) and insert song (“Sakurazora” by Shimotsuki Haruka). You can listen to the short sizes of OP & ED here. The insert song is pretty nice too, but I’m expecting most of you to fall for the ED right away like I did. I’m expecting to see a lot of agreements in comments here. 🙂

PV of the game featuring its OP for those who are interested:

9 thoughts on “Sakura no Sora to, Kimi no Koto -Sweet Petals For My Dear- Special Disk

  1. I like so much the musics from Rita, and of course this opening too but I don’t like the ED that much, for me is just ok ><, well maybe listening a few more times… XD

  2. i dont fall instantly for the ED like you did, but i instantly fall for Rita. The bridge is real good. xD Thank you guuchan. a very lovely single.

  3. hope you’re doing what you love in Europe. Thanks for the update. it’s great to see updates for this site!

    • I’m on a business trip here. First time here, get off work earlier, more relaxing in general, so I have nothing to complain. 🙂

    • It’s supposed to be released last month originally, but was delayed. Now the release date is 5/20, which means in less than 3 days.

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