New additions to mp3 player

Added 10 new songs. You can find them in Download section.

1. Atarashii Katachi [Chata] (one of the 2 choices I picked from solfa album)
2. Blue Rainy Days [Horie Yui] (being a hocchan fan, it shouldn’t be surprising that I picked something from her latest album. This is one of the 2. Strictly speaking there’s nothing special about this song, but it’s highly listenable in different moods)
3. cise ek [Shimotsuki Haruka] (vocal version of one of my favorite Maeda Jun BGMs, “cise kor”)
4. everytime you kissed me [Emily Bindiger] (yet another collaboration between Kajiura Yuki and Emily Bindiger. When it comes to Kajiura’s English song, I think Emily was just born for it. Anyone else agrees?)
5. immature [Shimotsuki Haruka] (the other choice I picked from “5” soundtrack. My favorite song from it. I know alot of people go for “Gin no Chizu” instead, but it just sounds weird to me as a song)
6. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari [supercell] (Bakemonogatari ED. Catchy song)
7. Kimi no Soba ni [Horie Yui] (as I mentioned before, I prefer her passionate songs. I think she should pour more emotion into this song though)
8. only my railgun [fripSide] (10K+ downloads just on torrent alone. That should tell you something)
9. refrain nostalgia – Full ver. – [Rita] (I bet most of you have never heard of this one. It’s the ED of a recent game, “Signal Heart”. I was only trying it out at first, turned out to be a very nice surprise)
10.waiting [Rita] (the other one of the 2 choices I picked from solfa album)

8 thoughts on “New additions to mp3 player

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  2. Guuchan, please, give us also the flac files. Otherwise I can’t put the latest addiction on my player (S9). 😦
    P.S: if you want I can give you a temporary repository (webserver) for the FLAC files. If you are interested contact me by email.

  3. I need just the last batch. I already have the others.

    But, if you want, I can give you space on a hostmonster server, which has unlimited bandwith and space, so you can put the files there and let people download also the beautiful flac version of these songs. 🙂

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