Shimotsuki Haruka – Griotte no Nemurihime

After much expectation, here comes her new album, Griotte no Nemurihime. A RPG-story-style fantasy album — yes, it will remind you of Sound Horizon, except without all those narrations and sounds a lot more… acceptable/beautiful/your-word-of-choice. 😛 Let’s take a look at the tracklist:

1. Horobiru no Ri
2. Kienai Kakera
3. Erabareta Tami
4. Ohimesama to Doukeshi
5. Buchi no Oukoku
6. Hitori Yume
7. Sora Watashi
8. Kizuna no Hana
9. Shuuen no Koku he
10.Hane ni Sugaru Mono
11.Kooru Sekai
12.Gyaku Mawari no Inochi

You think that would be the tracklist, but actually, it’s not. Let’s take a look at the real tracklist:

1. Horobiru no Kotowari
2. Kienai Uta
3. Erabareta Tami
4. Ohimesama to Doukeshi
5. Madara no Kuni
6. Hitori Yume
7. Sora Watashi
8. Tsunagari no Hana
9. Owari no Toki he
10.Hane ni Sugaru Mono
11.Kooru Sekai
12.Gyaku Mawari no Inochi

If you still can’t figure out why the track titles are romanized that way after listening to the whole album, hop onto our IRC channel and ask me.

Edit on 4/30/2010: apparently according to Shimotsukin in her concert on 11/23/2009, track 5’s title should be “Madara no Oukoku”. She did sing it as “Kuni” though in the lyrics. Same for track 2’s title, it should be “Kienai Kakera”, while in the lyrics she sang it as “Uta”. Oh well.

15 thoughts on “Shimotsuki Haruka – Griotte no Nemurihime

  1. Woohoo! i’ve been waiting for this! and i’m glad you guys release her latest album. I thought no one would release her album in torrents since it is past of its release date. Hope you guys will keep releaseing her albums and singles! Thanks again! *bow*

  2. again, you’re awesome!!!

    I’m still downloading tho, so can’t comment much, but it wont fail me, after all it’s shimotsukin XD

    thanks guu D:

  3. Thanks for the album and the correct romanization!
    I love the album, it’s like Haruka’s tribute to Shikata Akiko, complete with the fictional language.

  4. @hikaruhoshi: Actually, that’s a very wrong form of saying it. Shimotsuki started singing in fictional languages (her first one was the Lag-Quara language created for her Tsukioi no Toshi album) before Shikata began even singing in Hymmnos, which is the only fictional language in which she has sung until now.

    Plus, this album is a sequel to Tindharia no Tane, which also had employed his own lanaguage (ARIA language), so of course she had to sing in it to keep consistency.

  5. The title of the first track is “Horobi no Kotowari”. There’s no ‘ru’ in there. 🙂

    Another interesting thing I noticed while looking through the fictional language bits throughout the album…the translation for “FEL FEARY WEL.” is given as “arigatou” (thank you) in that particular song’s lyrics, but picking these same words out of other song lyrics in the album will also give the meaning “I love you”.

  6. @aquagon: Thanks for clearing that up. I know little about Shimotsuki before the Atelier series. My real introduction was with Ar Tonelico, so forgive me for getting the influences wrong.

  7. @hikaruhoshi: No problem. Ar tonelico was also my introduction to her and all of the Utahime, but since I ended loving their songs alot, I began to look for their other albums; and once I finally got them; I and some friends started translating their lyrics, so that’s how I found out about both the Laq-Quara and ARIA languages (and also, the odd language in which Shimotsuki sang for the Itiad song). And sorry if I sounded a bit agressive! 🙂

    @hozuki: Actually, from what I have researched on ARIA language, “FEL FEARY” alone is what means “I love you” (plus, these words only appear like this in the lyrics to “Hane wo Sugaru Mono”), but “FEL FEARY WEL” does mean “thank you”. The addition of “WEL” at the end is what modifies the phrase to give it an slightly different meaning.

  8. thanks for the album. I am really glad there’s a website that really care about people like me who can’t buy it because I am not live in japan

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