Rita – mighty

Rita’s new album — a collection of mainly games’ theme songs — “mighty“, might not be all that mighty, but it has its merits. To me, including Signal Heart’s OP&ED would be the biggest one, with the ED “refrain nostalgia” specifically. In fact, if you have read the post below, that song was one of the 10 new additions to my mp3 player, added just a week before this album is released (the version I added was ripped from the maxi single).

Here’s the tracklist:

1. mighty!
2. Signal Heart
3. refrain nostalgia
4. Kokoro no Tobira
5. Yumeiro Animato
6. Le baiser de l’ange -Tenshi no Kuchiduke-
7. Suzu no Naru Basho
8. Honto ni Hoshii Mahou no Jumon
9. Kimi no Na
10.Kondo ha Honki ni Honki?
11.Korekara memories
12.Yume wo Miru Yume
14.Ano Sora wo Mezashite

Personal picks are track 7 and, of course, 3. How about yours?

4 thoughts on “Rita – mighty

  1. just have to love Rita
    too bad her single “Spiral of Destruction ~Resurrection” wasn’t included
    a memorable single as she was the temporary vocalist for fripSide

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