Launching of LossyONE

Here comes the surprise: with the release of mp3 version of “Atelier Vocal Historia 1997-2009”, LossyONE is officially born! Since there are many users who hesitate to download our releases solely due to the size, we found it a pity for them to miss out something good because of that. For now LossyONE is only planned to put out mp3 version of the huge and/or recommended releases of LosslessONE, but things might change in the future. We still highly recommend you to download the lossless version though if you like the music.

To answer what some of you might wonder:

1. LossyONE’s releases are still tagged as [LonE], but you can tell it’s a LossyONE release with the file format (which will most likely be mp3);

2. Theoretically LossyONE has its own channel,, but it will just tell you to join #LosslessONE. We don’t plan on running 2 separate channels;

3. For XDCC downloads, you can find LossyONE’s releases on the bot AonE|HonE|LonE (its website link for packlist isn’t working right now, just request pack #1 for it).

16 thoughts on “Launching of LossyONE

  1. Eh, to be honest this move is kinda of redundant. All things considered, in this day and age people should have the capacity to download larger files. If they wanted MP3s, they could get off thier lazy ass and transcode them, then delete the lossless but hey, it’s not my decision to make.

    Good luck to future releases.

  2. @bendover: it’s definitely too much work to go back to encode mp3 for all those releases, consider the amount of albums we have released. However, if you have any specific request or have a good reason to believe one or more past releases deserve a mp3 encode, feel free to name them and we’ll see about it.

    @Kaiji: as much as I agree with that, believe it or not, there’re plenty of people I know (on IRC, etc) who have monthly bandwidth usage limit *coughcomcastcough*, and slow speed due to the ISPs of the countries they reside in. Laziness is one major factor too, but yeah, I have learned too many of those cases to neglect them. Of course, lossless will still be our top priority. All our releases will have the lossless version available first.

  3. 2 squall
    lol, foobar2000 (included flac support).
    + DL any plugins (eg for tta/tak/ape/mka/wma decoding) and encoders too, if you need.

  4. mp3s of the Clannad- and Little Busters!-OSTs would be nice. I already downloaded and transcoded them into mp3s using foobar2000 and Lame but I’m sure there are other people interested in those. Also I don’t know of any group other than LosslessONE releasing these soundtracks.

    By the way, do you create mp3s with constant bit rate or variable bit rate for the LossyONE releases? I personally use Lame’s highest quality VBR setting (V0) because I think CBR is a waste of disk space. It’s not like 320k CBR will sound any better than that but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  5. Foobar is a great player with those plugins mentioned above and it makes transcoding a breeze too.

    Not excited by this news as I find it abit redundant too like Kaiji above but as long as it does not affect availability and the selection of lossless releases all ‘s well i guess.

    For me I always prefer to download music in lossless format from various sources (including losslessone) and keep songs I like alot in lossless and transcode less memorable songs to mp3… and delete songs I dislike completely of course…

  6. @fabian: those are good ones. Actually I released AIR’s OST too a long, long time ago when I was still ripping in APE format. Too bad that one is lost. But yeah, I will consider them. And we do use 320k cbr for mp3. Personally I’m really not a fan of vbr, considering the size isn’t that much smaller and it consumes more power (e.g. on mp3 player, believe it or not).

    @Leirx: I’m actually glad to hear the voices from the loyal listeners of lossless music. As I already mentioned above, be assured, lossless is and will always be our top priority. I mean, even if I don’t do it, there’re others who download our releases and rerip them into mp3 then release them anyway, so why not just do it myself? 😉

  7. I think this is a good idea. I have a weekly bandwidth limit at my school, and I’m sure many others are in the same boat, and obviously mp3s are much friendlier to that limit than flac. Of course, that’s never stopped me from downloading LonE releases before….

  8. Vorbis much better in mid -high bitrate than Mp3 or nAAC /fAAC
    Vorbis @192Kbps = MP3 @ 320Kbps
    maybe I should say that any bitrate higher than 192kbps is COMPLETELY a waste on vorbis, especially on stereo channel

    lol, I usually re-encode my animes using vorbis @ 64-80Kbps and I barely can’t find any diference with the sources while nAAC need 112kbps to get same result

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