New additions to mp3 player (2014 ver.)

Another year passed since last update. Since music is what keeps me going, as busy as I am, I have been adding songs to my collection from time to time alright. Here are the songs I have added over the past year:

1. future gazer [fripSide] (OP of the anime OVA To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)

2. fortissimo-the ultimate crisis- [fripSide] (c/w song of above single. Feels like typical fripSide song but pretty listenable, hence I gave it two stars)

3. Sentimental Love [Mimi Meme MIMI] (OP of the anime Kimi no Iru Machi. A light but touchy song, just like the anime)

4. Am I Ready? [Mimi Meme MIMI] (c/w song of above single. Although I only gave it one star, it’s actually well performed)

5. Never Say Never [TKDz2b] (OP of the anime Dangan Ronpa The Animation)

6. Alleluia [Kalafina] (Theme song of Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin. KEIKO is the main vocal and she did an excellent job, totally worth three stars)

7. Boys be Smile [Suzuyu] (OP of the anime Little Busters! -Refrain-. Yet another heart-wrenching piece from Maeda Jun)

8. Magical Marriage March [Sakakibara Yui] (a song from the game Magical Marriage Lunatics!!. Very interesting song that incorporates the melody of “Wedding March”, something to listen for fun)

9. Eternal Love Song [Shimotsuki Haruka] (a song from the game Magical Marriage Lunatics!!. A lighthearted song)

10.lull -Soshite Bokura ha- [Ray] (OP of the anime Nagi no Asukara. Good show by the way, if you haven’t watched it yet)

11.ebb and flow [Ray] (OP2 of the anime Nagi no Asukara)

12.I DO Ai [Tamura Yukari] (c/w song of OP single of the anime Nourin. An amazing upbeat song by Yukarin and an excellent song for testing your audio player and earphone/headphone because it’s so well recorded)

13.secret base -Kimi ga Kureta Mono- (10 years after Ver.) [Honma Meiko (Kayano Ai), Anjou Naruko (Tomatsu Haruka), Tsurumi Chiriko (Hayami Saori)] (from the popular anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi ha Mada Shiranai.. An emotional song, as you can expect from an emotional show)

14.Cala [eufonius] (very nice piece from a single of them. A song that will easily calm you down. After giving it much consideration, I decided to give it three stars)

15.Butterfly Dreams [Lia] (c/w song of OP single of the anime Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil. Amazing song, amazing lyrics, and amazing singer as usual. I’m glad you are still singing after having a baby, Lia)

16.Day to Story [Sadohara Kaori] (ED of the anime DATE A LIVE II. I like the 15-second introduction)

17.Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai [fhana] (OP of the anime Bokura ha Minna Kawaisou. A soothing song, full of “seishun” feel)

18.Niji no Kakera [Kon Natsumi] (OP of the anime Isshuukan Friends. A song that sings about “friendship”, from an anime that talks about “friendship”. Just friends? Yeah sure…)

19.Kanade [Fujimiya Koari (CV: Amamiya Sora)] (ED of the anime Isshuukan Friends)

20.Kotonoha Aoba [Wake Up, Girls!] (ED of the anime Wake Up, Girls!)

21.Kyou ni Koi Iro [May’n] (OP of the anime Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.)

22.MASAYUME CHASING [BoA] (OP15 of the anime FAIRY TAIL. A pop style song, should be obvious given who the singer is)

23.Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe [ChouCho] (OP of the anime GLASSLIP. A very soothing song that you won’t get bored to)

24.days [Lia] (ED of the anime MEKAKUCITY ACTOR. Mind you, as much as I like the song, it’s depressing. That’s the reason I gave it two stars instead of three. It doesn’t sound depressing per se, but… anyway listen to it and you will know what I mean)

25.point at infinity [Yanagi Nagi] (ED of the anime Ano Natsu de Metteru Tokubetsuhen. Not your usual Yanagi song because it’s written by someone from I’ve)

26.Sayonara no Koto [Uehara Rena] (ED of some of the episodes of the anime WHITE ALBUM 2. With heavy soap drama feel)

27.Suki janakattara… [Kuribayashi Minami] (c/w song of OP single of the anime Hataraku Maou-sama!. Credits to Kuribayashi who is getting better and better at singing)

28.Ashita no Kaze yo [Oohashi Ayaka] (c/w song of OP single of the anime Sabagebu!. Part of its melody is addictive)

29.Katatsumuri [May’n] (c/w song of OP single of the anime M3 -Sono Kuroki Hagane-)

30.Kimi ga Itekureta Kara [Duca] (a song from the game MeltyMoment)

31.Anata ni, Ichiban, Tsutaetai Koto. [Katakiri Rekka] (a song from the game Miageta Sora ni Ochiteiku. Thank you my friend in a certain music channel for recommending me the song)

32.eternity [solfa feat.Shimotsuki Haruka] (a song from the game Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori)

33.Ichibanboshi [Kuraho Neko (CV: Taneda Risa) / Tachibana Kana (CV: Suzaki Aya) / Kazumi Schlieren-Sauer (CV: M.A.O) / Takatori Kotori (CV: Tadokoro Azusa)] (ED of the anime BRYNHILDR IN THE DARKNESS. A lighthearted song from a very non-lighthearted but recommended show)

34.candy girl [Maid’ish(Duca&Rita&Chata)] (theme song of the game Custom Maid Online. Just the singer combo alone should already sound attractive to you, not mentioning the song itself is a good one)

35.DOGFIGHT [m.o.v.e] (one of the two Initial D songs of m.o.v.e I’m adding. Best Initial D OP in my opinion)

36.Days [m.o.v.e] (another Initial D song of m.o.v.e. Appeared in the very last episode of last series of Initial D anime, aka Initial D Final Stage)

As usual, you can find those songs in Download section, with DDL available.

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