New additions to DAP

You would notice that I have changed “mp3 player” to “DAP” in the title this year. I have upgraded my player a few times in recent years (currently AK380 plus its dedicated amplifier), and mid to high end DAPs are getting more and more popular in the market these days, so I figure “mp3 player” is not really an appropriate term to use anymore. Anyway, let’s take a look at the songs I have added over the past year. It has been an interesting year: a good number of songs I added are one-star, yet there are also a few 3-star ones:

1. Over the Skyblue (full ver.) [Mitose Noriko] (ED of the game Ano Harewataru Sora Yori Takaku. I don’t think one-star is a fair assessment for this song, but I just can’t get myself to give it two stars. The reason is, if I listen to this song too much, I feel like I want to jump out of the window and literally over the sky. A good song nonetheless, but I would highly recommend you not to listen to it too often)

2. Kisetsu no Shutter [Ray] (OP of the anime Ano Natsu de Metteru Tokubetsuhen. I added the ED last year, and finally also the OP this time. I wasn’t sure if I liked it back then, but now I enjoy it)

3. Kimi ni Deatte Koi wo Shite [i.o.sound] (ED of the game Minami Juujisei Renka)

4. Eterna [marina] (ED of the PSV game Kaihou Shoujo SIN. Background chorus is what makes this song special, else it wouldn’t get onto my DAP)

5. Seven Deadly Sins [MAN WITH A MISSION] (OP of the anime Nanatsu no Taizai)

6. Lavender no Junzen [Katakiri Rekka] (OP of the game Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo. Imagine yourself sitting back relaxingly in a train that’s traveling along a lavender field and listening to this song… wish I will get to do that someday)

7. Eien no Mukou [Ayaka] (ED of the game Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo. Wow, just wow. I totally didn’t expect a 3-star song coming from a game song CD that I missed 5 years ago. Ayaka sang the song with huge passion which I don’t mind listening to everyday)

8. Kisetsu ha Tsugitsugi Shindeiku [amazarashi] (ED of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A. When it comes to anime songs, I’m usually not into ones performed by male singers, but I got to say this one is pretty good)

9. Kiseki Made no Straight Line [ZAQ] (OP of the anime Trinity Seven)

10.Jikan Ressha [supercell] (a song from their album ZIGAEXPERIENTIA. A weird song, but somehow it’s fun to listen to)

11.Hoshikuzu no Interlude [fhana] (ED of the anime Sora no Method)

12.Fuyu no Epilogue [Goose house] (OP of the anime Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso. I have yet to start on this show which I should sometime)

13.Aozora to Green Belt [Nishizawa Hagumi] (ED of the anime Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. There are songs that appear to be great in initial listening but turn out to fail to even getting onto my DAP eventually, while there are songs that appear to sound plain but got that little magic to make it special enough to just enter my collection. This one definitely belongs to latter case. It sounds like a plain song, but makes me want to go back listening to it from time to time)

14.ailes Conscious Remix [TRUE] (one of the remix versions of ED of the anime Junketsu no Maria. Probably the most interesting 3-star song I have come across so far. While the original song bores me, this remix version is amazing. The extra music in the remix is so repetitive and got nothing to do with the original song, but it just fits the entire song amazingly well and turns a boring song into an exciting one)

15.&Z [SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]] (OP2 of the anime ALDNOAH.ZERO. I was tempted to give this song 3 stars, it’s lacking just tiny little bit to get there)

16.Colony [BUMP OF CHICKEN] (OP of the anime Kekkai Sensen)

17.Tsuwamonodomo ga Yume no Ato [Uesaka Sumire] (c/w of ED single of the anime Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sakai. I got to admit that I didn’t and wouldn’t expect a song of such style coming from Uesaka Sumire’s CD, and she did a pretty good job for it. Sunset is probably the most appropriate time of the day to listen to this song)

18.Spice [Tokyo Karankoron] (ED of the anime Shokugeki no Soma. A song that will spice up your moment momentarily. No pun intended)

19.Hidamari Days [SisterS] (ED of the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan)

20.sati [eufonius] (a song from a single of the same title. Last year I just added a 3-star song of eufonius and soon after they came out with another 3-star song. This time I did not have a single bit of hesitation in giving 3 stars; I liked it instantly. In fact, I like this song so much that I purchased the DSD128 version of this song)

21.Tokimeki Poporon [Chimame Tai] (ED of the anime Gochuumon ha Usagi Desu ka??. Fresh out of the oven. Before this anime I used to see the ED animation of Narue no Sekai, together with the song Ice Cream, as the best ED animation ever, but now it’s taken over by this one. Cuteness overflow)

22.Wings of Courage -Sora wo Koete- [Kawada Mami] (OP of the game Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm)

As usual, you can find those songs in Download section, with DDL available.

4 thoughts on “New additions to DAP

  1. Are the bots for your IRC channel dead? When I try to get the packlist from them via the /msg command, I received an eror stating “No such nick/channel”. The bots are not on the list of active users there either. On another note, your BitTorrent files also have no seeders which effectively rendered them dead.

    I hope you can please restore the bots or try to reseed the files because there are number of your files that I want to download that cannot be found anywhere else. Thanks in advance.

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