KOTOKO’s 4th Album – Epsilon no Fune

After almost 3 years, KOTOKO has put out this new album, Epsilon no Fune. Majority of the songs are upbeat ones as you can expect, however there is one comparatively slow song, namely “scene”. There is also an English song which she performed together with Kazuya Takase, who wrote “Real Onigokko”, “Hayate no Gotoku!”, and “BLAZE”, etc. Let’s take a look at the full tracklist:

1. ε -Epsilon-
2. Real Onigokko
3. -∞-DRIVE
4. scene
5. Ame to Guitar
6. Genkai Daha
7. Monera no Kizuna
8. Hayate no Gotoku!

Overall it’s a pretty satisfying album (that’s a very high compliment, by the way. I didn’t really expect much from KOTOKO lately, but this album impresses me), however I do have one big complaint: since there’s “BLAZE”, why there’s no “Sociometry”? It’s one of KOTOKO’s best songs as of late, and they just had to leave it out! I’m truly, truly disappointed at whoever made/didn’t make that decision. They did redeem it though by including the special CD of “Hitorigoto”, which features the 2009 version and 2001 original version.

Finally, the PV of the cover song, “ε -Epsilon-“:

5 thoughts on “KOTOKO’s 4th Album – Epsilon no Fune

    ahaha, this album really satisfy me… everyone would agree that her late single doesnt really sound like KOTOKO’s song >.<

    so she come back, eh XD

    /me bow at guu-sama

  2. Going to take a look at this album.

    The last KOTOKO song I really liked was PIGEON in Ao-Iconoclast, I wish she’d do more songs like that.

    Just like with Sakakibara Yui, who I’d rather have sing more songs like JOKER, princess, Einsatz and the Phantasm songs than her moe moe eroge themes.

  3. The Sociometry comment reminded me automatically of my own similar thoughts about angela’s new album. Link was by far my favorite of their latest songs and also missing from the album…

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