YOKO KANNO SEATBELTS – Raichikyuu Kinen Collection Album “SPACE BIO CHARGE”

A 3-CD collection of Kanno Yoko’s compositions, from soundtracks of various anime series throughout the years. Most of the tracks are pretty famous, so if you’re a Kanno fan (or even if you’re not), you should be able to recognize them. Those with [singer’s name] next to the track titles are the ones with vocal.

1. Fly up in the air (eco. size)
2. Tank! (TV stretch)
3. Kouya no Heath [AKINO]
4. Turkey (eco. size) [Gabriela Robin]
6. High Heel Runaway (eco. size)
7. Ask DNA (eco. size) [RaJu Ramayya]
8. could you bite the hand? [steve conte]
9. player (eco. size) [Origa with Heartsdales]
10.Power of the Light (eco. size)
11.Kagiri Naki Tabiji [Okui Aki]
12.DANCE OF CURSE (eco. size)
13.Genesis of Aquarion [AKINO]
14.Lithium Flower [Scott Matthew]
15.Shiro, Long Tail’s
16.inner universe (eco. size) [Origa]
17.Lion [May’n]
18.Chikyuu Kyoumei [Gabriela Robin]
19.Rakuen~secret garden

1. MOON (eco. size) [Gabriela Robin]
2. high spirit
3. Yakusoku ha Iranai (eco. size) [Sakamoto Maaya]
4. Be Human [Scott Matthew]
5. Get9 (hyper eco. size) [Jillmax]
6. The Garden of everything [Sakamoto Maaya feat. steve conte]
8. Hamduche [Hassan Bohmide]
9. Voices [Arai Akino]
10.Cloe (eco. size) [Yamamoto Chinatsu]
11.White Falcon
12.The Real Folk Blues (save money size) [Yamane Mai]
13.i do [Ilaria Graziano]
14.End title Nostalgia
15.Yubiwa (Single Ver.) [Sakamoto Maaya]
16.Toki no Kioku [SEIKA]
17.BLUE [Yamane Mai]

1. Sasurai no Cowboy [TADA “ED” AOI]
2. Doggy Dog (hungry size)
3. Neko no Kimochi (demo version) [Gabriela Robin]
4. Miwaku no Horse Riding [EHARA ANDY MASASHI]
5. WO QUI NON COIN [Tada Aoi]
6. No money (more money size) [Hassan Bohmide]
7. Waratteta [Mou Sukoshi]
8. CAT’S DELICACY [Gabriela Robin]
9. AI Sentai Tachikomans [Tamagawa Sakiko]
10.Ranka to Bobby no SMS Shoutai no Uta [Ranka Lee with Bobby Margot]
11.ABC Mouse Parade [Gabriela Robin]
12.Yoake no Octave [Sakamoto Maaya]

5 thoughts on “YOKO KANNO SEATBELTS – Raichikyuu Kinen Collection Album “SPACE BIO CHARGE”

  1. is it me or are the scans are only two items? i mean they’re only 2 scans in the folder, i wonder if its me that got corrupted while i’m downloading it… too bad there is no cover of the album… anyway i really love the compilation of various musics and songs love the orchestral musics! thanks again for an awesome upload! 😉

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