solfa further along -from iyunaline to solfa-

You might have never heard of iyunaline or solfa, but you should recognize most of the artists’ names (some of them you will recall with a reminder, e.g. Mayu from Lamune OP, Yuiduki Sora and Yuduki from Higurashi IM albums). Besides, it’s an interesting album with some refreshing songs, so give it a try.

1. Walk together [Mayu]
2. welcome! [Chata]
3. Mirai no Oto [yuiko]
4. waiting [Rita]
5. DIS-HEAVEN [Nakase Hina]
6. Atarashii Katachi [Chata]
7. R★P★G [Yuiduki Sora]
8. dazzlingly star [Kotsuki Miya]
9. impulse to the future [Marie]
10.inverse rainbow [Yuuki] a daydream 4 [iyuna]
12.Tenshi no Hane [Yuduki]

Personal picks are track 4 and 6.

4 thoughts on “solfa further along -from iyunaline to solfa-

  1. i didn’t know about this until i saw solfa 2 the other day. i tried to dl it but i am stuck at 87%, can someone please seed the the mp3?
    or is no one going to read this because it’s so old…

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