M3-23 (doujin music event) is tomorrow. These are the releases that have caught my eye. Hopefully, this might be useful to some.

I only included the basics (uploading banners and linking = effort). If you want more information, leave a comment and I’ll hook you up. :V

Mmmmm, lots of delicious Rekka, nayuta, and Yanagi Nagi…~D:

Title: Kouhaku Mingassen
Vocalists: Katakiri Rekka

Title: Girls Desk Top music
Circle: nana sea
Vocalists: Fukami Chie, yanaginagi, Annabel

Title: Dentro Del Terrarium
Vocalists: Annabel, Fukami Chie

Title: Vamp Note
Vocalists: Kotsuki Miya

Circle: Pixel Bee
Vocalists: monet

Title: Fractal
Circle: Corky Voce
Vocalists: Hirose Sayaka

Title: H -Heart and Beat Technology-
Circle: Halozy
Vocalists: nayuta, Hatsune Miku, Hotaru, rino, Nachi, Tsubaki, Ayaka, Megurine Luka

Title: Aozora Ryouiki -fields in the blue-
Circle: Sakura no Sakion Hibiki Sangyou
Vocalists: NANO, Neko-ani, motoko, mahiko, Kei, MEGUMI, SHINA, STELA, Okukawa Kumiko

Title: Digital-byori
Circle: Aliced Twilightz
Vocalists: Linco

Circle: Chom Koubou
Vocalists: Jenga, Soraru, Konoko, Douta, Chabatake∴

Title: Gothika ~Akai Hitsuji no Otogibako~
Circle: Haduki Yura
Vocalists: Gom, Konori, nayuta, Haduki Yura

Title: Vivid Colors
Circle: MintJam
Vocalists: TERRA

Title: further along
Circle: solfa
Vocalists: Chata, Rita, Marie, Nakase Hina, Mayu, Yuduki, yuiko, Kotsuki Miya, Yuduki Sora, iyuna, Yuki

Title: Bakujuu
Circle: MiddleIsland
Vocalists: Murasaki

Title: Ouritsu Arcadia
Vocalists: Ikeda Show

Title: Shayou no Kiseki
Circle: RomariaCrusade
Vocalists: Hoshimi Aoto, Takanashi Mako

Title: kompass
Circle: Aganeyuurei

Title: Aozora Apartment
Circle: Pianos DauGe
Vocalists: NAKI, Takizawa Ichiru

Title: Sareko Ube Alice
Circle: mimei
Vocalists: Asakusa Kitan

Circle: Anniversary Records
Vocalists: Katakiri Rekka, Yuduki Sora, yuiko, Yuduki, Kotsuki Miya, Ruuto, Envi

Title: music gadgetry

Title: -Band Edition-
Circle: Kaitoushibaba
Vocalists: Gom, Zebra, Usako

Circle: Keshi Studio
Vocalists: Miss-aria

Title: Groovy Girls
Circle: Ergonomics Tempo
Vocalists: Meramipop, momo, Sachi, Maria, maybe, Kudo Yun

Title: Emotions
Circle: forest
Vocalists: Hana

Title: Lyrical Crimson the instrumental
Circle: EastNewSound

Title: QuoVadis
Circle: Asriel
Vocalists: KOKOMI

Title: Omen of Seven
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Vocalists: Sakurai Anna

Title: Re:incarnation
Circle: M-style
Vocalists: ???

Circle: SOUNDstudio-ONE
Vocalists: Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku

Title: sylvana
Circle: Re:Volte
Vocalists: saori

Title: Mizuho Mizuki Kanojo ~THE ANIMATION Fit.1 Fit.2 “Official Theme Song”
Circle: Ooedo Express Mail
Vocalists: Katakiri Rekka

Title: Casino Melissa
Circle: CrownPearl
Vocalists: Mameko, Oriyama Kako

Title: Hana -HANA-
Vocalists: Takahashi Nana, Hi-Ne, aki, A~YA, SYO, 709sec., mao, Harada Hitomi, CALEN

Title: Black Ribbon ~Saiai wo Horobosu Sou no Kizuna~
Circle: Alieson
Vocalists: Kudo Yun

Title: a blue.-E side-
Circle: -PF AUDIO-
Vocalists: Yanagi Nagi

Title: a blue.-R side-
Circle: -PF AUDIO-
Vocalists: Yanagi Nagi

Title: Wish
Circle: Ether
Vocalists: Ouri

Title: This is the beautiful world
Circle: Sprite Wing
Vocalists: Maki, Shano, Denki Souko, Yamashita Tomo, FuMay, Morrichi, LiLiNE, Fujita Nao, Owata, Tanachuu☆

Title: AIr
Circle: LC:AZE
Vocalists: Kei, STELA, SHINA, MEGUMI, Misato

Title: Ano Hi no Negai / Don’t you forget
Circle: the forget-me-not
Vocalists: Kanan, Hana, Ayase

Title: Crunch Navel
Circle: Thoroghbred
Vocalists: yonji

Title: Silver Blossom
Circle: Girl’s short hair
Vocalists: yonji

Title: honey☆bitter,anima
Circle: Hitori, Asobi.
Vocalists: Nomiya Ayumi, Rakuno Yoshishige

Title: Kodoku no Kami
Circle: Sorairoehon

Title: Kimi to Deatte Ni-nen Sugoshita Watashi ga Bimyou ni Kawatta Riyuu
Circle: IOSYS
Vocalists: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka

Title: Shall we “IOSYS”?
Circle: IOSYS
Vocalists: Ayu, Asana, Yuka, miko, Tatsunami Shuuichi, Yuuki, Yurai

Title: Yume Dorobou Hajimeta ~Komariuta ni Nanka Naranee!~
Circle: Steal Dream
Vocalists: Gom, Sandankyou, Nanban Pepper, Ayakawa Yukiya, Minatsuki Kei

Title: Sukikatte ni Yattemita CD ~Nico Nico Shitai Hito Muke~
Vocalists: Sandai, Hiryuu Shou, Ryo, rin, Wotaken, Neoni, Kahan, Suzoori

Title: Tsugi Tsugi replicant
Circle: Tir Na Nog
Vocalists: Maika

Title: Untitled
Vocalists: ???

6 thoughts on “inb4M3-23

  1. beautiful,just beautiful,do i spy a vocaloid iosys album there? though…on an unrelated note,and forgive me if this seems an odd place to put this,but,i’ve noticed that,as all torrents eventually do,you guys seem to have a lot of torrents in need of reseeding,with that many albums in general,have you ever considered a batch torrent for everything you have out up until more recently? there are a lot of great things that i,having only recently found this site,have been unable to obtain,sorry to bother you,i just felt it a notable suggestion

  2. @kyorine: IRC is the best place to download older releases. We simply don’t have the resources to keep seeding them, considering the number and size of our releases. IRC is pretty simple to use, there’re plenty of user guides out there for its basic usage. Once you get on, we can help you from there. 🙂

  3. I feel bad because I wasn’t really able to advertise the release more before the event, but I hope people got a chance to check out DDBY’s offerings this time around.

    Bizen did a great job with both the Link’s Awakening album and his Touhou Synthesis project. It was cool to get to work alongside Magical Trick Society. 🙂

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