New Background Music

What, it’s already May? As hard as it is to believe, yes it is May, unfortunately(?). Anyway, you guys found out what the BGM of April was, but how about the new one? Cick “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

7 thoughts on “New Background Music

  1. Hey ~_~
    From Any Album You Took It < THANKS
    [ Keep Up Your Great Work
    guuchan And LonE Staff ]
    By The Way Nice Site You Have guuchan ~_~ .
    Yeah , guuchan you post

    So i Want To Say
    Can You Upload The Songs
    In you Mp3 Player to Torrent File ~_~
    I Really Want To Listen To It
    I Like To Listen Other People Songs And There Is Many
    I Saw For The First Time .
    I Know It’s Hard To Do That If You Can’t
    That’s Okay ~_~


  2. @KSKL_H: for the torrent, yes I will, but I’m still trying to hunt down 320kbps of some old songs to complete the collection. Once I get that done, I will put it out.

  3. guuchan! I can’t figure out the name of the song, and I’ve been looking all over IMEEM for a melody match-up? Is there any other hint?
    you see, I kinda don’t have any access to the IRC…

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