Cross Days Original Sound Track

It’s x Days, there are already plenty of discussions about the game (series) everywhere, so I will save it. Besides, I have yet to try out Cross Days, and strictly speaking I didn’t finish School Days & Summer Days. I have to say though, I was one of the first few proud(?) ones to get the patch working on Summer Days and try out Kokoro’s H-scene. 😀 Anyway, like the previous works’ albums, Cross Days’ OST features OP/ED/Inserts etc. that are performed by singers whom you should be highly familiar with. Let’s take a look at the tracklist below (those tracks without [ ] means they are BGMs, written by HIKO):

1. First Note [KIRIKO]
2. Hitotsuboshi [yozuca*]
3. be there [Rita]
4. timeless melody [Chata]
5. Eternal Flow [Ceui]
6. Sunadokei [Riryka]
7. First Note -Wake Up Ver.-
8. Aruhi no Dekigoto
9. Daisuki na Basho
10.Haruka na Mado no Akari
11.Aoki Shousou
12.Vale no Mukou
13.Jugyou ga Owatta!
14.Yaburekake no Kokoro
15.Nagai Kage, Kimi ni Todoke
16.Sono Page no Saki
17.Gikochinai Fureai
18.Jibun he no Uso
19.Nukumori ha Toki wo Tomeru
20.Eien nimo Kaegatai Mono
21.Makoto ni Ikidoori wo Kanjimasu
22.Tsume ga Amai!
23.Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto
24.Yuuki wo Dashite Fumidasou
25.First Note -Mellow Reprise Ver.-

The songs are pretty okay, just that the OP song “First Note” sounds really depressing to me for some reason (nope, it’s not because of the lyrics, even though the lyrics isn’t exactly cheerful). I wonder if it’s just me. Anyway, “Brave Song” is occupying my mind too much right now to comment on anything else. Talking about that, our background BGM has been updated, read this post for more details.

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