C75: 6!

Merry Christmas?

Title: Touhou Bubbling Underground
Circle: IOSYS
Vocalists: miko, 3L, Isabelle, Kounami Senjin, Nano, Natsumi, Yamamoto Momiji, Ayu, Dummy, nyanyannya


Title: Guren no Shoujo ~Sono Na wo Yobu wa, Shinigami Nari~, Guren no Shoujo – Chaotic Destiny –
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Vocalists: Sakurai Anna

…two new releases. I really thought that they were only going to release that re-packaged shit. Too bad I can’t say that for Shimotsuki though (oh come on, “Plus Edition” pfft fuck that). :V

Title: Connection of voice
Circle: s.style
Vocalists: Hatsune Miku, KAITO, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len

New vocaloid album from from SHUN. I still need to get their Kara no Kyoukai arrange CD…

Title: est
Circle: WAVE
Vocalists: Annabel, Katakiri Rekka, K.Juno, Chata, Nishida Manami, Yuiduki Sora, Yuduki, Misawa Aki, Fujieda Akane

Seems to be a collection of re-arrangements of old WAVE songs. But there’s Rekka so !!!!

Title: RING
Circle: LC:AZE
Vocalists: YUNA

Third maxi-single. Can’t get the song to load on Nico though. >__<

Title: monologue ~Mahou ga Tokeru Sono Mae ni~
Circle: Kimi no Museum
Vocalists: ??

Looks like some crazy ass music novel involving Santa Claus and evil women. Don’t get me wrong, I liked their previous releases, but this just looks…lol.

Title: Majo no Toki ~le moment de la SORCIERE~ Preview Ver,
Circle: Republic of Mosaku Hattori

Shiny Umineko arrangements. Too bad this is only a preview CD…;__;

Title: Koufukuna Shousetsuka
Circle: Queen of Wand
Vocalists: Mutsuki

New single from STELS806/Queen of Wand. Title is obvious lie. : p

Title: Kahiena Musica
Circle: Barbarian on the Groove
Vocalists: Kahiena

Kahiena solo album. I wish BotG would go back to making stuff with varied artists, but I guess any material from them is as good. ;/

Title: P∴Rhythmatiq EXTRA
Circle: P∴Rhythmatiq
Vocalists: mitsuko, Hatsune Miku

CD featuring various Snow Promenade arrangements. If you like Snow Promenade, then I guess you should take a listen to it.

yeah gonna stop right now since it’s almost 5am

One thought on “C75: 6!

  1. Akeome?

    I guess apart from Comiket stuffs, maybe we should mention other things as well… maybe somewhere around C75, you will find other CDs that might draw your attention as well :3

    Release date: 081226

    You might not know any of those songs.. or ever heard about them at all…; some might have them all already, in case you do, then just read the next post xD

    1. 収録作品:夏神(アトリエかぐや【TEAM HEARTBEAT】)

    2. 収録作品:超昂閃忍ハルカ(アリスソフト)
    収録曲:『風のように 炎のように』(歌:UR@N)

    3. 収録作品:かみぱに!(クロシェット)

    4. 収録作品:ステルラエクエス~贖罪の姫騎士~(C:drive.)

    5. 収録作品:プラゥヴ クルイード(しゃくなげ)

    6. 収録作品:Sugar+Spice! Party☆Party(チュアブルソフト)
    収録曲:『Party☆Party Time!』(歌:Rita)

    7. 収録作品:闇の声ZERO(BlackCyc)

    8. 収録作品:こなゆき ふるり~柚子原町カーリング部~(ブルームハンドル)
    収録曲:『Vision ~雪の季節~』(歌:芝原のぞみ)

    9. 収録作品:魔界天使ジブリール-episode3-(フロントウイング)
    収録曲:『クルクルlovely day!!!』(歌:U)

    10. 収録作品:夏空カナタ(ゆずソフト)

    11. 収録作品:魔都拳侠傳マスクドシャンハイ(ライアーソフト)

    12. 収録作品:さかしき人にみるこころ(light)

    13. 収録作品:11eyes-罪と罰と贖いの少女-(Lass)
    収録曲:『Lunatic Tears…』(歌:彩音)

    14. 収録作品:LOVERSOULファンディスク~恋魂詰~ (LOVERSOUL)
    収録曲:『step by step』(歌:神咲まゆみ)

    15. 収録作品:BIFRONTE~公界島奇譚~(LAPIS BLUe.)

    16. 収録作品:MagusTale Infinity(Whirlpool)

    If you have no idea about the stuff up there, its ok… its just a tracklist of that CD; and I know guuchan will have it romanized when he release it! So I am not going to do that here.. because that is his duty ^^

    Recommended tracks: Lunatic Tears by Ayane; Omoi no Kanata by Shimotsuki, Agari Kago no tori by Rekka

    Release date 090225

    能登麻美子 キャラクターソングベストアルバム (Noto Mamiko Character Song Best Album)

    You better know who Noto is… else she gonna ship you to hell! Anyway, this is her first album, though the tracklist is not announced yet, I do have a selfish hope hoping that they will include 眠れ緋の華 (Nemure hi no hana) I really like that song afterall ^^;

    PS: Dive into meer! Dive into tomoyo! Dive!

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