Shimotsuki Haruka – Michibiki no Harmony

Meeting the expectation, this album is nothing short of amazing. I mean, songs like “Kaze no Kotowari” (no, it’s not “Kaze no Ri” as listed at some places), “Ruri no Tori”, “Omoi no Kanata”, “Snowdrop”, “Eien”, etc. are there, how wrong can the album go? Whether you are a fan of Shimotsukin or not, this album should easily impress you.

1. Kaze no Kotowari
2. Ruri no Tori
3. Everywhere With You
4. Omoi no Kanata
5. Hajimari no story
6. Snowdrop
7. Blade of Tears
8. Hoshi no Yume -Gathering the stars of love-
9. Rakuen no Kagi
11.Tabidachi no Uta
12.Eien happy days
14.Nemuri no Hate no Aoi Hana
15.Michibiki no Harmony

The most noteworthy song of this album is none other than the original song of this album, whose title is also used for the album’s title, “Michibiki no Harmony”, featuring both music and lyrics written by Shimotsukin herself. The music is nice, but more importantly it’s the lyrics that describes how she feels about her music, or how she would like you to feel about her music. If you can understand the lyrics, it’s a pretty interesting song.

New additions to mp3 player

Added 5 new songs. You can find them in Download section, with DDL available.

1. You & Me [Tamura Yukari feat. motsu from m.o.v.e] (even though it’s not exactly a song that you can loop continuously, it can get pretty addictive. It’s the kind of song that you want to listen from time to time)
2. natalis [eufonius] (if you downloaded our single “Online RPG MapleStory November Theme Song Single – Divinity”, of which the song is from, the cover drawing depicts the song, or the other way round. Its image is like a fairytale world, but not exactly quite so. I’m not sure how to describe it well, you just have to listen to it yourself)
3. Hikari no Senritsu [Kalafina] (before my PV of that song on youtube got removed, lots of people commented that it’s the best Kalafina song. Maybe some of you don’t agree with it, but you can’t deny that it’s one of their best songs)
4. allegretto -Sora to Kimi- [KOTOKO] (OP of the so-famous high-ranked game “Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo”. Too bad there’s no English translation of the game, if it ever happens. It’s the game that gave me most laughs, and tears to many in the grand ending scene. The OP song reflects the game really well)
5. Sora no Sukima [Katakiri Rekka] (not sure why I didn’t include this song earlier. It’s the insert song of yet another so-famous even-higher-ranked game “Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo”. There is an English translation of the game, even though the translation seemed way too literal to me from the little bit I tried, you HAVE to play the game. It has changed the views of life of many. As for the song itself, there’s only one word for it: passionate. Heartrending kind of passionate)

New Background Music

How was our March BGM? I believe most of you should have enjoyed it, possibly without recognizing where it was from. Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo, whose adapation into anime failed big time, is, however, a very nice game. I haven’t got that many good laughs from an ADV game/VN for a long time. Since my gaming mood has yet to be over, I picked a BGM of another game I have played lately for our April’s BGM. This time I believe many should recognize it, since a lot of people have played it because of the existence of an English patch for it. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

GWAVE 2009 1st Ace

Yes, I know I haven’t done any GWAVE for a while. I didn’t really plan to do this one either, but after seeing the tracklist, I decided to. If you have been following game songs, quite a few of them should be familiar to you. In fact, we have released the singles of some of the songs, such as “Promise -Tsukiyo no Kioku-” and “Shukufuku no Campanella“. Let’s take a look at the full tracklist:

1. Flyable Heart [KIYO]
2. see-saw!! [Chata]
3. Primary [Rita]
4. Promise -Tsukiyo no Kioku- [Satou Hiromi x NANA]
5. reach for the runway [Rita]
6. Natsuiro Straight! [Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets]
7. Shukufuku no Campanella [Satou Hiromi & NANA]
8. Papiliones [Itou Kanako]
9. Towararebito [YuNa]
10.Eternal recurrence [Hashimoto Miyuki]
11.Jounetsu no Wobble [Kicco]
12.Piecework [Rin]
13.Tabidachi no Yoake [Rita]
14.Call my name [Inoue Miyu x team Love Bullets]
16.PrincessParty -Seishun Kinshirei- [Ayu+Miru+Ruu+Yukaina Nakamatachi]

This time I’m not going to recommend any specific songs, the whole album is just pretty nice in general. It does live up to the album title, “1st Ace (of 2009)”.

Kalafina – Red Moon

First of all, I would like to take this chance to thank edogawaconan again for providing us the scans of Kalafina’s previous album, Seventh Heaven. Now let’s take a look at their new album, Red Moon:

1. red moon
2. Hikari no Senritsu
3. Te to Te to Me to Me
4. fantasia
5. Haru ha Kogane no Yume no Naka*
6. Kyrie
7. Yami no Uta
8. Hoshi no Utai
9. storia
13.I have a dream
*As opposed to what’s listed on English wikipedia and pretty much every other sites, it’s not “..Ougon no Yume..”

Other than “Hikari no Senritsu” that I already added onto my mp3 player (by the way, I will write a post soon of the new songs I added), my choices from this album are “Kyrie” and “I have a dream”, especially the latter one. It’s a very concert-encore-like song. For your information, “I have a dream” is the theme song of the movie of “Eve no Jikan”, which is airing in theatres right now. I might consider adding that song onto my mp3 player.

New Background Music

After I mentioned that our February BGM was highly related to yuinyan, I got quite a few people asking me for the title of the game. So did any of you recognize it or figure it out by yourself? Lately I’m in gaming mood, so after finishing a few in the past month, I picked the title screen music of one of them for our March’s BGM. If you don’t recognize it right away and are interested for hints of it, they are: 1) the game is ranked 22nd on a certain ranking; and 2) it was adapted into anime. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

Chihara Minori – Sing All Love

Since quite a few people asked about the repeated tags of our release of Chihara Minori’s newest album, I will provide the correct tracklist below (which you could have found in the nfo file of our releases, or on the scans provided):

1. Kakusei Filament
2. Final Moratorium
3. Tomorrow’s chance
4. Kakikake no Destiny
5. Kodoku no Kesshou
6. Love Medicine*
7. Amaoto no Veil
8. tea for two
10.Sakura Pierce
11.Falling heaven’s now
13.Perfect energy
14.sing for you

Yes, I was dead tired when I ripped the album, hence the mistakes. By the way, the concert DVD that comes with the album isn’t that great, DVD-quality-wise… I mean, it’s a bonus item, so what do you expect? As for the choice of songs, I guess they are okay. For me, it’s nice to see “Fragment -Shooting star of the origin-” live.