Infinity+Integral perfect Vocals -Never7 Ever17 Remember11 12RIVEN-

Years after a theme song collection of Memories Off series was released, they finally decided to do one for the Infinity series too. Don’t you have a “oh, about time” feeling? I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t played all the 4 games of the series (personally I haven’t either. I still need to play Never7 someday), but I believe quite many of you have played at least one of them, namely Ever17. If you recall, we even used one of its sound tracks “Karma” as our blog BGM. I can type up a whole article about how epic that game was but I will save it here. 🙂 Anyway, about this album, it should consist the theme songs of all the Infinity games, which of course including “LeMU -Haruka Naru Lemuria Tairiku-“. Doesn’t listening to it make you feel nostalgic?

Tracklist (song title [game title OP/ED] [artist]):
1. Sen’oku no Hoshikuzu Furasu Yono Sora [Never7 -the end of infinity- PSP OP] [Asriel]
2. TREASURE DREAM [Never7 -the end of infinity- ED] [Kawashima Yuuka (CV: Kawakami Tomoko)]
3. Hokorobishi Hana [Never7 -the end of infinity- PSP ED] [Asriel]
4. It’s a fine day [Ever17 -the out of infinity- PSP OP] [Imai Asami]
5. LeMU -Haruka Naru Lemuria Tairiku- [Ever17 -the out of infinity- OP] [KAORI]
6. The Azure -Ao no Kioku- [Ever17 -the out of infinity- PSP ED] [Imai Asami]
7. Aqua Stripe [Ever17 -the out of infinity- ED] [Kasahara Hiroko]
8. Uchuu no Stencil [Remember11 -the age of infinity- PSP OP] [Miyazaki Ui]
9. little prophet [Remember11 -the age of infinity- OP] [KAORI]
10.Kirenai Knife [Remember11 -the age of infinity- PSP ED] [Miyazaki Ui]
11.Darkness of chaos [Remember11 -the age of infinity- ED] [Minagawa Junko]
12.Toki no Nai Sekai [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- PSP OP] [Sakakibara Yui]
13.third bridge [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- OP] [KAORI]
14.Distance [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- PSP ED] [Sakakibara Yui]
15.Process [12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- ED] [KAORI]

Natsu to YURIA

When sitting around during these hot summer days, I have the tendency to listen to various songs related to summer. From quintessential favorites such as the AIR OST, to vocal songs about summer, I feel they’re perfect for getting one in the mood for the season. One of my favorite artists who is certainly no stranger to summer songs is YURIA:

Summer Days


Natsu no Melody


She sang numerous game songs classics (SHUFFLE, Canvas 2, School Days) and quite a few anime songs (GRAVION, Canvas 2, Sumomomo Momomo) too. Not to mention she also does the voice of Ama Shigure in SHUFFLE.
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nao complete anthology 2002-2009 ~my graduation~

As many are probably already aware, nao has officially broken up with SAT,  signaling the end of fripSide as we know it. As a commemoration of  their parting of sorts, they’re releasing a 10-disc anthology of their works.  The collection, which carries a 19,740円 price tag, releases 7/17/2009 and contains over 100 songs,  including many that have never been released before.  (Which means we finally get a version of colorless fate -erica 2007-!)

The official tracklist is as follows:

■Disc1:first odyssey of fripSide

2.distant moon
3.come to mind
4.Love to Sing
5.Colorless fate
6.your ocean -azure reproduct mix- sure…-album mix-
8.bright days the future -side02-
10.end game

■Disc2:2nd fragment of fripSide

1.second fragment
3.transitory orbit
4.message me again
8.Detour -fripSide edition-
9:crying moon
10.storm of sorrow

■Disc3:3rd refrection of fripSide evening calm
2.reminiscense blue
4.transient wind
5.vanity destroyer -fripSide edition-
6.velocity -fripSide+vin-PRAD-
7.splash emotion
8.colors of summer dream
9.planet illusion -sLab reproduct mix-
11.bright days -version2005-
12.distant moon -version2005-


1.binary digit
2.hurting heart
4.prominence -version2007-
5.refine progress
6.heat your wave
7.libration crisis
8.never no astray
9.transient wind -version2007-
10.dream myself!
11.true eternity -album version-
12.brave new world

■Disc5:Rabbit Syndrome

1.あっせんぶる☆LOVEさんぶる/fripSide NAO project!
2.せな★せな@Surprise!!/fripSide NAO project!
3.Rabbit Syndrome/fripSide NAO project!
4.こんいろ∞トキメキ!!~着せたら脱がさない~/fripSide NAO project!
5.かがやけ!dreamin’ガール/fripSide NAO project!
6.こいびと☆アクセント!!/fripSide NAO project!
7.Wireless Cosmic/fripSide NAO project!
8.リバーシブルロマンス/fripSide NAO project!
9.HAPPYジェネレーション/fripSide NAO project!
10.せな★せな@Surprise!!-生物RMX-/fripSide NAO project!
11.あっせんぶる☆LOVEさんぶる-R.S.PV RMX-/fripSide NAO project!

■Disc6:split tears

1.before dawn daybreak
2.split tears
3.praying over (album version)
5.fictional moon (album version)
6.snow blind (album version)
7.snow blind -after-
8.spiral of despair
9.escape -version2008-
11.eternal twinkle

■Disc7:fripSide Re:product mixies ver0.2

01.hurting heart/ju-ri-mix
02.Red -reduction division-/sat vs tkm RMX ver.2.1
03.magicaride/kai Re:product RMX
04.vanity destroyer/tkm Re:product RMX
05.spiral of despair/tkm Re:product RMX evening calm/kai Re:product RMX
07.Red -reduction division-/sat vs tkm RMX
08.before dawn daybreak -phantoms RMX-

■Disc8:very best&Unpublished side1

1.Red -reduction division-
2.the chaostic world
3.true eternity
5.fictional moon
6.absolute one
7.melody -reset+fripSide-
8.come to mind -short version-
9.Love to sing -R&T factory Remix-
10.crying moon -acoustic version- the future sure
13.Your Ocean

■Disc9:Unpublished side2

1.holy night magic
2.a little christmas time
4.cheer up forever
5.ないしょ思春期/fripSide NAO project!
6.せな★せな@ultimate!!/fripSide NAO project!
7.every day⇔every way!/fripSide NAO project!
8.こいびと☆アクセント!!-remix edition-/fripSide NAO project!
9.Red Data Girl/fripSide NAO project!

■Disc10:Unpublished side3

1.grand blue
2.grace of summer
3.feeling trust
5.snow blind
6.colorless fate -erica 2007-(DEMO)
7.piece of azure graduation
9.hurting heart -nao piano arrange-


While fans may observe there are some songs that didn’t make the cut, the fact that there are new songs and cuts make it worth a second glance, even to previous owners. Guess it’s time to start saving…

colorless fate -erica 2007-(DEMO)

Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- Original Soundtrack

Here comes the high profile OST, featuring some well-known singers performing the image songs. Notice that the OP&ED here are only game sizes. Just recently we released its OP & ED single, so if you want the full size of that 2 songs, you should get that single.

Disc.1 features the vocal songs and their instrumental arrangements, while Disc.2 features the BGMs:

1. Kono Koe ga Todoitara (Game ver.) [eufonius, OP]
2. Candy girl [Kase Aina, Asato Rina IM]
3. Rainbow [Shimotsuki Haruka, Nagahashi Ryou IM]
4. Manten no Hoshi [Mitose Noriko, Akebi Yusa IM]
5. Tsubomi [Duca, Chigusa Nanami IM]
6. cotton candy [Chata, Yamabuki Renge IM]
7. Hoshi no Pulse (Game ver.) [eufonius, ED]
8. Candy girl (Inst Arrange ver.)
9. Candy girl (heartful ver.)
10.Rainbow (Inst Arrange ver.)
11.Rainbow (heartful ver.)
12.Manten no Hoshi (Inst Arrange ver.)
13.Manten no Hoshi (heartful ver.)
14.Tsubomi (Inst Arrange ver.)
15.Tsubomi (heartful ver.)
16.cotton candy (Inst Arrange ver.)
17.cotton candy (heartful ver.)

1. Sawayaka na Asa
2. Tanoshii Yokan
3. Nodoka na Hiruyasumi
4. Minna de Daran
5. Shizuka na Yoru
6. Kokoro no Sukima
7. Ounou Suru Koigokoro
8. Candy girl (serious ver.)
9. Rainbow (serious ver.)
10.Manten no Hoshi (serious ver.)
11.Tsubomi (serious ver.)
12.cotton candy (serious ver.)
13.Kioku no Kakera
14.Hakugin Seika
15.Itoshii Anata
16.Kasanaru Omoi
17.Mune Ippai no Omoi

Putting the OP&ED aside, personal favorite is Renge’s IM performed by Chata. Ryou’s IM, performed by Shimotsuki Haruka, is a simple yet cute (the cheerful-kind of cute) song; Nanami’s IM, performed by Duca, is as impressive as her other songs; however, to me, Chata’s “cotton candy” is the best at the end of the day. In addition to the beautiful melody (with a little sadness), the lyrics also depicts an extremely visual, beautiful prospect. It’s a song that brings you enjoyment both melodically and “visually”. How about you, which IM you like the best? Let us know by voting below and share your thoughts with us in comments.


Even though it’s called “SOUNDTRACK”, it’s all songs in this special album. As usual, let’s take a look at the tracklist:

1. Fochu Bread [Katakiri Rekka]
2. Leaf ticket [KOTOKO]
3. Fatally [KOTOKO]
4. Just Be With You [Sakura Saori]
5. allegretto -Sora to Kimi- [KOTOKO]
6. Emphatic -short version- [ave;new feat.C;LINE]
7. Vanille Rouge [Sakura Saori]
8. Lilies line [KOTOKO]
9. Divine [ave;new feat.C;LINE]
10.Arcadia Parade [Katakiri Rekka]
12.I need magic -Tokenai Maji Kyun- [KOTOKO]
13.pile up HURRICANE! [Nakagawa Haruna]
14.Hurea Complex [NANA]
15.Restoration -Chinmoku no Sora- [KOTOKO]


  • I’m not sure if track 1’s title is “Fochu Bread” or “Fortune Bread”;
  • Track 6, Emphatic, is subtitled “short version”, but it’s full version alright. I have the full version song, and it’s the exact same song/length. No idea why it says short version here.


A few of the songs should be pretty well-known, like “Leaf ticket”, “pile up HURRICANE!”, “Restoration -Chinmoku no Sora-” (we just released the single of it recently), etc. However, even if you haven’t heard the rest, they are all really nice songs, that’s why I won’t have any personal picks this time. “Emphatic” still remains as one of my favorite upbeat game songs, though.

eufonius – Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- OP&ED Single – Kono Koe ga Todoitara

Canvas, the series that brought us lots of memoriable things. The can’t-be-any-cuter Tachibana Amane, the impressive OP song “Autumn Destiny”, the anime that surprised lots and lots of people “Canvas2 -Nijiiro no Sketch-“, the girl that stole lots of our hearts — Housen Elise, the OP song that I would name as one of the all-time top 10 game songs “Plastic Smile” (game version >>> anime version, I’m telling you). So, riding on its success, here comes the 3rd installment of this series, “Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait-“. Anyone smells an anime of it coming sometime by next year?

Here’s the OP movie of the game, featuring “Kono Koe ga Todoitara” as background song:


Personally I don’t think eufonius’ song fits this series (the OP movie itself should show — they try to make it fit with the song, but it just doesn’t feel quite right), but as someone said, eufonius is eufonius. Enjoy. 🙂

Little Wing works album “Thanksgiving”

A collection of game OPs and EDs produced by Little Wing. All songs written by MANYO. For singers of the individual songs, refer to the tracklist below:

1. toy memory [Marie]
2. seven colors [Mitose Noriko]
3. Valhalla [Rita]
4. all the way [aya]
5. Ruri no Tori [Shimotsuki Haruka]
6. Sakura no Ki no Shita de [Marie]
7. Natsuboshi [KAKO]
8. Junka [KAKO]*
9. Starry Eyes [Katakiri Rekka]
10.hépatique [Marie]
11.ever green [Marie]
12.TIME [Katakiri Rekka]
13.Aoi Sora no Omoi de [Katakiri Rekka]
14.Mirai he no Omajinai [Katakiri Rekka]
15.Kanata [Touka Kiya]**

*No, the song title is not “Megu Natsu”

**I’m sure the given name is Kiya (喜也), but I’m not sure about the Touka (東迦) part. If you know it’s supposed to be pronounced otherwise, preferably with proof or something to back you up, please post in comment.


Let’s see… personal favorite is track 5, “Ruri no Tori” (Shimotsukin ftw after all). The two songs performed by KAKO are pretty nice too. If you want to listen to some game songs for a change, get this album.

PS Talking about game song, there’s something to look forward to this week, possibly within the next day or even hours. Stay tuned.