Little Wing works album “Thanksgiving”

A collection of game OPs and EDs produced by Little Wing. All songs written by MANYO. For singers of the individual songs, refer to the tracklist below:

1. toy memory [Marie]
2. seven colors [Mitose Noriko]
3. Valhalla [Rita]
4. all the way [aya]
5. Ruri no Tori [Shimotsuki Haruka]
6. Sakura no Ki no Shita de [Marie]
7. Natsuboshi [KAKO]
8. Junka [KAKO]*
9. Starry Eyes [Katakiri Rekka]
10.hépatique [Marie]
11.ever green [Marie]
12.TIME [Katakiri Rekka]
13.Aoi Sora no Omoi de [Katakiri Rekka]
14.Mirai he no Omajinai [Katakiri Rekka]
15.Kanata [Touka Kiya]**

*No, the song title is not “Megu Natsu”

**I’m sure the given name is Kiya (喜也), but I’m not sure about the Touka (東迦) part. If you know it’s supposed to be pronounced otherwise, preferably with proof or something to back you up, please post in comment.


Let’s see… personal favorite is track 5, “Ruri no Tori” (Shimotsukin ftw after all). The two songs performed by KAKO are pretty nice too. If you want to listen to some game songs for a change, get this album.

PS Talking about game song, there’s something to look forward to this week, possibly within the next day or even hours. Stay tuned.

Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle- OP Single – Shinsei Philosophy

Finally, one of the the much expected hit games of the year, Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle-, is out. There’re crazy people out there with the $50 Feena towel *cough*, there’re crazy people out there staying up all night and day tackling the game, but regardless of those, of course we need to hear the OP of it, so here we bring you the single with OP performed by Veil ∞ Yui Yamamoto, and insert song performed by chicchi. And for those who are interested in seeing the PV of it (yes, the background song is the OP):

Chant with me together: FEENA!

PS Can anyone confirm if the chicchi here is the 11-year-old genius girl who plays guitar?

Atelier Vocal Historia 1997-2009

So I have finally got around to rip this album, “Atelier Vocal  Historia 1997-2009“. Why the album is 1.2GB+? The tracklist should explain everything.

1. Sukidatta Ehon (Vocal Version) [Mitose Noriko]
2. Hajimari no Oka (Vocal Version) [Mizusawa Yuuki]
3. Elle Gramnad [Takahashi Miko]
4. Haruka na Toki no Kanata demo [Chiba Saeko]
5. Omoide wo Se ni Shite [Chiba Saeko]
6. Hakuya Gensoutan [Shimotsuki Haruka]
7. Ayumu Michi [Horie Mami]
8. silent rhyme [Horie Mami]
9. Run for your life [Shimotsuki Haruka]
10.Yume no Mirai he -Gasshouban- [Gust Staff]
11.Nee [Marie]
12.Sirius [Marie]
13.STIGMATA [Mitose Noriko]
14.TOGGLE [Mizusawa Yuuki]

1. My Silly Days [Marie]
2. Kibou Tsugeru Kane -Gasshouban- [Gust Staff]
3. Namenloses Licht [Izumi Yuuto]
4. Sail [Yanagi Mami]
5. Maware Rondo [Nagasawa Miki]
6. Ashita ni Nareba [Nagasawa Miki]
7. Ashita ni Nareba -Jazz piano v.- [Horie Mami]
8. Ashita ni Nareba Remix [Horie Mami]
9. Umi wo Aogu [Nagakura Shuue]
10.Kono Aoi Sora no Shita [Nagakura Shuue]
11.Kono Aoi Sora no Shita Remix [Nagakura Shuue]
12.Eternal Story [Shimotsuki Haruka]
13.Tabadachi no Tobira [Horie Mami]

1. schwarzweiβ -Kiri no Mukou ni Tsunagaru Sekai- [Shimotsuki Haruka † Revo]
2. Flowers In The Rain [Katakiri Rekka]
3. Lorelei [Mitose Noriko]
4. Taisetsu na Kotoba [Ishibashi Yuuko]
5. Mirai wo Shinjite [Nasu Megumi]
6. Ashiato [Horie Mami]
7. Ashiato -Jazz Arrange Version- [Horie Mami]
8. The Way of Eternity [Horie Mami]
9. Mou Hitotsu no Motogatari [Higashino Yumi]
10.Takaramono [Katakiri Rekka]
11.Friday [Yanagi Mami]
12.Shiny [Yanagi Mami]
13.LA FOLIA [Shimotsuki Haruka]

Basically all the songs you can think of from Atelier are there. If your HDD space or bandwidth really can’t afford it but you still want it badly, hold your horses. We might bring you a surprise later.


Protip: If someone tells you they’re listening to hope. They are most certainly referring to Track 02 from the Tomoyo After Original Soundtrack, which was composed by Maeda Jun and is 02:43 in length.


C75: 5? and more

The road to C75 is getting shorter…

BLACK ANGEL has their C75 radio up (just click on the 再生 button). Playlist is here. You should try it out if you’re wondering what to expect from this year’s event. They even have full albums for you to listen to~
Twenty or so releases are added to the radio each day, so don’t fret if they don’t have what you’re looking for. :0

Before I begin, here’s some news tidbits about doujin related stuff:
– Shikata Akiko’s 3rd album “Harmonia” will be released on 02/18
– kukui’s Chizu Sanpo (OP for Marmite 4) will be released on 02/18
– kukui will have 5 songs in the upcoming Tales of the Abyss Image Album “brilliant world”, which will be released 01/07
– Annabel will sing the theme song “Tenohira no Rakuen” for the PSP release of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo”

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Chaos;Head and Itou Kanako

“Sono me wa dare no me?”

Itou Kanako first caught my attention with the Myself;Yourself anime ED, Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to, and has managed to always draw an interested eye ever since. And when that artist does three different openings for the same franchise, as in the case of Chaos;Head, we get something like this:

PC Version: Find the Blue

Mysterious with low-key tension. It builds up to the chorus, and holds the listener there before letting them down calmly at the end.

Anime Version: F.D.D.

An attempt to be edgy accompanied by a rushed and uninteresting beat and doesn’t actually go anywhere. Much like the anime.

Xbox 360 Version: fake me

Catchy and with a quick beat right from the start. It starts off with energy and maintains it throughout. At least, it does so far.

It’s amusing to analyze the artist’s feelings and approach with respect to each version. While they’re all from the same franchise, each has a unique tone to its own that is representative of the rendition its portraying.

Or perhaps this was all just an excuse for me to post fake me somewhere, as it’s been stuck in my head for the past week.