nao complete anthology 2002-2009 ~my graduation~

As many are probably already aware, nao has officially broken up with SAT,  signaling the end of fripSide as we know it. As a commemoration of  their parting of sorts, they’re releasing a 10-disc anthology of their works.  The collection, which carries a 19,740円 price tag, releases 7/17/2009 and contains over 100 songs,  including many that have never been released before.  (Which means we finally get a version of colorless fate -erica 2007-!)

The official tracklist is as follows:

■Disc1:first odyssey of fripSide

2.distant moon
3.come to mind
4.Love to Sing
5.Colorless fate
6.your ocean -azure reproduct mix- sure…-album mix-
8.bright days the future -side02-
10.end game

■Disc2:2nd fragment of fripSide

1.second fragment
3.transitory orbit
4.message me again
8.Detour -fripSide edition-
9:crying moon
10.storm of sorrow

■Disc3:3rd refrection of fripSide evening calm
2.reminiscense blue
4.transient wind
5.vanity destroyer -fripSide edition-
6.velocity -fripSide+vin-PRAD-
7.splash emotion
8.colors of summer dream
9.planet illusion -sLab reproduct mix-
11.bright days -version2005-
12.distant moon -version2005-


1.binary digit
2.hurting heart
4.prominence -version2007-
5.refine progress
6.heat your wave
7.libration crisis
8.never no astray
9.transient wind -version2007-
10.dream myself!
11.true eternity -album version-
12.brave new world

■Disc5:Rabbit Syndrome

1.あっせんぶる☆LOVEさんぶる/fripSide NAO project!
2.せな★せな@Surprise!!/fripSide NAO project!
3.Rabbit Syndrome/fripSide NAO project!
4.こんいろ∞トキメキ!!~着せたら脱がさない~/fripSide NAO project!
5.かがやけ!dreamin’ガール/fripSide NAO project!
6.こいびと☆アクセント!!/fripSide NAO project!
7.Wireless Cosmic/fripSide NAO project!
8.リバーシブルロマンス/fripSide NAO project!
9.HAPPYジェネレーション/fripSide NAO project!
10.せな★せな@Surprise!!-生物RMX-/fripSide NAO project!
11.あっせんぶる☆LOVEさんぶる-R.S.PV RMX-/fripSide NAO project!

■Disc6:split tears

1.before dawn daybreak
2.split tears
3.praying over (album version)
5.fictional moon (album version)
6.snow blind (album version)
7.snow blind -after-
8.spiral of despair
9.escape -version2008-
11.eternal twinkle

■Disc7:fripSide Re:product mixies ver0.2

01.hurting heart/ju-ri-mix
02.Red -reduction division-/sat vs tkm RMX ver.2.1
03.magicaride/kai Re:product RMX
04.vanity destroyer/tkm Re:product RMX
05.spiral of despair/tkm Re:product RMX evening calm/kai Re:product RMX
07.Red -reduction division-/sat vs tkm RMX
08.before dawn daybreak -phantoms RMX-

■Disc8:very best&Unpublished side1

1.Red -reduction division-
2.the chaostic world
3.true eternity
5.fictional moon
6.absolute one
7.melody -reset+fripSide-
8.come to mind -short version-
9.Love to sing -R&T factory Remix-
10.crying moon -acoustic version- the future sure
13.Your Ocean

■Disc9:Unpublished side2

1.holy night magic
2.a little christmas time
4.cheer up forever
5.ないしょ思春期/fripSide NAO project!
6.せな★せな@ultimate!!/fripSide NAO project!
7.every day⇔every way!/fripSide NAO project!
8.こいびと☆アクセント!!-remix edition-/fripSide NAO project!
9.Red Data Girl/fripSide NAO project!

■Disc10:Unpublished side3

1.grand blue
2.grace of summer
3.feeling trust
5.snow blind
6.colorless fate -erica 2007-(DEMO)
7.piece of azure graduation
9.hurting heart -nao piano arrange-


While fans may observe there are some songs that didn’t make the cut, the fact that there are new songs and cuts make it worth a second glance, even to previous owners. Guess it’s time to start saving…

colorless fate -erica 2007-(DEMO)

Hayate the combat butler!! LIVE 2009 “HiNA” Festival!! & Carnival!! SONG & TALK

A 2-CD set of Hayate Live Show in March earlier this year. If you’re a Hayate fan, or Hina fan, specifically, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this album despite of its size.

The tracks below with [singers’ names] are songs. Bear in mind that this is a live show, so the songs are live versions. They aren’t quite the same as the ones you heard in previous albums (some of them sound very different).

Disc One
1. Kage Narration -Mou Sukoshi Matase Toku?-
2. Perfect Nankajanai! [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
3. MC -Youkoso “Hina Matsuri Matsuri!!” he-
4. Zankoku na Tenshi no These [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
5. Power of Flower [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
6. MC -Oneechan wo Shoukai Shimasu!-
7. ¥JENNEY -Sen It’s my Soul- [Katsura Yukiji starring Nabatame Hitomi]
8. MC -Katsura Shimai no Keimyou na Kaiwa-
9. Jiyuu Sanka! [Katsura Yukiji starring Nabatame Hitomi with Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
10.TALK -Asa no Homeroom Tekina Nori de-
11.Hakuou Gakuin Seitokai Kokoroe [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
12.Hakuou Gakuin Seitokai Fukokoroe [Hakuou Gakuin Seitokai Sannin Musume starring Yahagi Sayuri & Nakao Eri & Asano Masumi]

Disc Two
1. MC -Sannin Musume, Kyou no Ikigomi-
2. “Gomen” de Sumu nara Koi nado Shinai [Hakuou Gakuin Seitokai Sannin Musume starring Yahagi Sayuri & Nakao Eri & Asano Masumi]
3. MC -Fuutsu no Kaiwa?-
4. Kimi ga Iru kara -Just Windy Love- [Nishizawa Ayumi starring Takahashi Mikako]
5. TALK -Surprise na Toujou Jinbutsu-
6. MC -“HiNA” to Iu Album wo Release Shimashita-
7. Binetsu [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
8. Ashita no Watashi [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
9. MC -Kyou no Saigo ni-
10.Heart of Flower [Katsura Hinagiku starring Ito Shizuka]
11.MC -Encore, Shutsuensha Goaisatsu-
12.Hakuou Gakuin Kouka [Hakuou Gakuin Seito Shokun & Ogyakusan]

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra – Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou

After seeing Kadokawa milking as much money as possible out of Haruhi series, Tokyo Philharmonic decided to join in to sink to a new low to take on the challenge, and hence we present you Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou, with Haruhi music performed by an orchestra of international level. As much as I’m tempted to force you to download our releases to get the romanized tracklist, I will post it here.

1. Koi no Mikuru Densetsu
2. Itsumo no Fuukei~Gekiretsu de Karei Naru Hibi
3. Saikyou Pare Parade
4. Higeki no Heroine~Hinichijou he no Sasoi~Beach Vacances
5. Kouchou Kouchou~Mikuru no Kokoro~Chiisaku demo Shiawase~Oioi~Comical Hustle
6. Bouken Desho Desho? [vocal: Suzumiya Haruhi (Hirano Aya)]
7. Symphony No. 7 in C major, Op. 60, “Leningrad” First Movement
8. Sunao na Kimochi~Aru Ame no Hi~Haruhi no Omoi
9. The Mysterious~Asakura Ryouko no Shinjitsu~Fuyu no Ashioto
10.Lost my music [vocal: Suzumiya Haruhi (Hirano Aya)]
11.SOS Dan Shidou!~Nanika ga Okashii
12.Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite. [vocal: Nagato Yuki (Chihara Minori)]
13.Nodoka na Shoutengai~Yuki Toujou~Pinchppoi!~Mikuru Henshin! Soshite Sentou!~Daidanen
14.Hare Hare Yukai
15.God knows…  [vocal: Suzumiya Haruhi (Hirano Aya)]

I have to say, Hirano singing along the orchestral version of “God knows…” is… yeah…

YOKO KANNO SEATBELTS – Raichikyuu Kinen Collection Album “SPACE BIO CHARGE”

A 3-CD collection of Kanno Yoko’s compositions, from soundtracks of various anime series throughout the years. Most of the tracks are pretty famous, so if you’re a Kanno fan (or even if you’re not), you should be able to recognize them. Those with [singer’s name] next to the track titles are the ones with vocal.

1. Fly up in the air (eco. size)
2. Tank! (TV stretch)
3. Kouya no Heath [AKINO]
4. Turkey (eco. size) [Gabriela Robin]
6. High Heel Runaway (eco. size)
7. Ask DNA (eco. size) [RaJu Ramayya]
8. could you bite the hand? [steve conte]
9. player (eco. size) [Origa with Heartsdales]
10.Power of the Light (eco. size)
11.Kagiri Naki Tabiji [Okui Aki]
12.DANCE OF CURSE (eco. size)
13.Genesis of Aquarion [AKINO]
14.Lithium Flower [Scott Matthew]
15.Shiro, Long Tail’s
16.inner universe (eco. size) [Origa]
17.Lion [May’n]
18.Chikyuu Kyoumei [Gabriela Robin]
19.Rakuen~secret garden

1. MOON (eco. size) [Gabriela Robin]
2. high spirit
3. Yakusoku ha Iranai (eco. size) [Sakamoto Maaya]
4. Be Human [Scott Matthew]
5. Get9 (hyper eco. size) [Jillmax]
6. The Garden of everything [Sakamoto Maaya feat. steve conte]
8. Hamduche [Hassan Bohmide]
9. Voices [Arai Akino]
10.Cloe (eco. size) [Yamamoto Chinatsu]
11.White Falcon
12.The Real Folk Blues (save money size) [Yamane Mai]
13.i do [Ilaria Graziano]
14.End title Nostalgia
15.Yubiwa (Single Ver.) [Sakamoto Maaya]
16.Toki no Kioku [SEIKA]
17.BLUE [Yamane Mai]

1. Sasurai no Cowboy [TADA “ED” AOI]
2. Doggy Dog (hungry size)
3. Neko no Kimochi (demo version) [Gabriela Robin]
4. Miwaku no Horse Riding [EHARA ANDY MASASHI]
5. WO QUI NON COIN [Tada Aoi]
6. No money (more money size) [Hassan Bohmide]
7. Waratteta [Mou Sukoshi]
8. CAT’S DELICACY [Gabriela Robin]
9. AI Sentai Tachikomans [Tamagawa Sakiko]
10.Ranka to Bobby no SMS Shoutai no Uta [Ranka Lee with Bobby Margot]
11.ABC Mouse Parade [Gabriela Robin]
12.Yoake no Octave [Sakamoto Maaya]

HIMEKA Debut Single Announced

Sony Music Shop Link (also listed on various other CD sites)

The debut single of our fellow friend/IRC user/anime fan/whatever-you-might-want-to-call-her, HIMEKA, has been officially announced! If you didn’t know already, she’s singing the OP song of this season’s show, Senjou no Valkyria. I’m going to save the speech here of how we have seen her coming all the way to where she is now, etc etc. However, if you have no idea of anything about HIMEKA at all, I do have to let you know that at least.

Wikipedia entry about her (nope, it’s not written by me)

The links of her blog and official site are also listed there. To show our support, LonE will not be releasing her single which is due on 5/27. We have also got the words of the other Rizon music group, Nipponsei, that they will do the same. I urge you to also show your support by purchasing her debut CD.

ef – a tale of melodies. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2 -felice-

Since I introduced the 1st soundtrack, here comes the 2nd, “felice“. Let’s see… I would say the featured BGM of this OST is the 10th track, “It returns to the dark”. I bet some of you might say it’s the 33rd, “It through all eternity”, but it’s the 10th one that makes me feel like seeing a grand, heroic ending in front of my eyes, regardless of the anime scene it’s played in. An image (insert?) song, the lyrics’ed version of “A moon filled sky”, performed by Mizuki’s seiyuu, is also included in this OST.

2/25-2/28 Releases

So on this big release day, tokyotosho decides to go down. Oh well, just stay tuned to this post, I will update it whenever there’s a new release. We’re expecting no less than a dozen (if not two) releases in the coming 3 days.

1. Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season ED Single – Kumori Garasu no Mukou [Hikita Kaori] (flac, mp3)

2. Akikan! OP2 Single – Juicy Extacy [Little Non] (flac, mp3)

3. Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai ED Single – Hikari to Yami to Toki no Hate [Ceui] (flac, mp3)

Comment: this one is good. Really good. Get it even if you’re not watching the show.

4. HiNA [Hinagiku Katsura starring Shizuka Ito] (flac, mp3)

Comment: ok, I’m not exactly a fan of Hinagiku, but even so I still quite like this album. We also included the Limited Disc, which features a symphonic medley of 4 of the songs. If you’re a Hinagiku fan and not getting this, I’m telling you… IT’S A SIN.

5. Zettai Karen Children ED4 Single – Soushunfu [Hirano Aya, Shiraishi Ryouko, Tomatsu Haruka] (flac, mp3)

6. GA-REI -zero- Character Song Vol.2 Jingujin Ayame & Nikaido Kiri [Aizawa Mai, Tsuchiya Maki] (flac, mp3)

7. Asu no Yoichi! Character Song Vol.1 Ibuki Ikaruga [Satou Rina] (flac, mp3)

8. Asu no Yoichi! Character Song Vol.2 Ayame Ikaruga [Tomatsu Haruka] (flac, mp3)

9. Fly To The Future [Karen Girl’s] (flac, mp3)

Comment: their first and last album, because they’re graduating from elementary school soon (hence not loli anymore). As you can expect, all the Zettai Karen Children’s songs are there, plus 3 songs I don’t remember hearing before. Lolicons must get. Here’s the complete tracklist:

  1. Pikatto Kiratto! Dash Girl’s
  2. Over The Future
  3. Top Secret
  4. Zettai love X love Sengen!!
  7. Bye! Bye! Bye!

10. ef – a fairy tale of the two. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK “Alato” [Tenmon, Eiichiro Yanagi, Harada Hitomi] (flac, mp3)

Comment: soundtrack of the games (both, i.e. first tale and latter tale). It has 3 discs, that’s why the size. All the tracks in both games should be there. It’s not exactly a 2/25 release (it’s C75, actually), but no one would mind, right? 😛 The games’ BGMs are better than anime’s imo, so if you love the anime’s OSTs, you should get this one too. All 3 theme songs are also included.

11. Merry! Merry-go-round [Satou Hiromi] (flac, mp3)

Comment: an easily overlooked singer. Her new album, “Merry! Merry-go-round”, features a few songs that I like, e.g. Taiyou no Aria, Sayonara, Tsunagaru Mirai. Give it a try.

12. Melonbooks 10th Anniversary Memorial Song Single – I’ll be there [Sakakibara Yui] (flac, mp3)

13. Gundam 00 Second Season Insert Song Single – TOMORROW [Tsunematsu Ayumi] (flac, mp3)

Comment: aka Marina Ismail. Not really fond of the song personally but I’m not watching the show. Maybe the ones who do will feel differently.

14. FictionJunction – Everlasting Songs (flac, mp3)

Comment: read here.

15. Toaru Majutsu no Index ED2 Single – Chikaigoto -Sukoshi dake Mouichido- [IKU] (flac, mp3)

Comment: pop-like feel, but I don’t hate it. The c/w song, on the other hand, is a slow and peaceful song.

16. N’s [Noto Mamiko, Gotou Mai, Shimizu Kaori, Ueda Kana, Satou Rina] (flac, mp3)

17. Toaru Majutsu no Index Original SOUND Track 1 [Iuchi Maiko, Kawada Mami, IKU] (flac, mp3)

Comment: with scans, finally.

18. Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle- OP Single – Shinsei Philosophy [Veil ∞ Yui Yamamoto, chicchi] (flac, mp3)

Comment: read here.

19. Xbox 360 CHAOS;HEAD NOAH -TRIGGER 5- Kusunoki Yua [Takahashi Chiaki] (flac, mp3)

20. Xbox 360 CHAOS;HEAD NOAH -TRIGGER 6- Aoi Sena [Nabatame Hitomi) (flac, mp3)

21. Xbox 360 CHAOS;HEAD NOAH OP&ED Single – fake me [Itou Kanako] (flac, mp3)

22. Mamiko Noto Character Song Collection (flac, mp3)

Comment: read here.