Taking a break + New additions to mp3 player

You always hear “time flies”, and it sure is the case here. 5 years really passed in a blink since LosslessONE was found. During all those years I stayed up numerous nights when possible to put out new releases asap, with all tags as accurate as possible. Those were the days I will never forget. Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end. I won’t call this the end of LonE, but since I’m the main ripper and I will be taking a long break, you can expect a major decline in LonE’s activeness. I will still try to put out some personal picks from time to time if time allows. I hope you all enjoyed your time with us, I know I will miss it. 😦

As for my mp3 collection, I have added 7 new songs to “complete” it for now. You can find them in Download section, with DDL available.

1. My Soul, Your Beats [Lia] (to be honest, to me this song is “okay” at best. The first 12 seconds of the song is the best part. I’m adding this song mostly because of my attachment to the show)
2. Brave Song [Tada Aoi] (love this song so much that I translated it. This is 1 of the only 2 translated lyrics I have submitted there, so you can imagine how much I love the song. Instrumetal version of this song is also highly recommended)
3. Get Back My Dear Friend [CHUA CHURAM feat. Sakakibara Yui] (one of her best songs as of late. Caught my attention right away when I listened to the album for the first time)
4. Ruri no Tori [Shimotsuki Haruka] (one of the 3 songs I picked from her latest album, “Michibiki no Harmony”. Also one of the songs that I should have added earlier. A very nice song to listen to at late night)
5. Omoi no Kanata [Shimotsuki Haruka] (I think this is her only upbeated songs in my collection. Might not be the best choice, but it just catches my attention somehow)
6. Snowdrop [Shimotsuki Haruka] (once it passes the introduction part, the rest of the song will just wrench your heart)
7. I have a dream [Kalafina] (a concert-encore-like song from their latest album)

62 thoughts on “Taking a break + New additions to mp3 player

  1. Damn, what a bummer. I really enjoy your releases, but since you are taking a hiatus I don’t know what I’ll do. Is it personal life issues that need to be addressed? Well everyone needs a break and I look forward to seeing your return.

  2. It is a pity that everyone have their own business. The most important thing for people who enjoy their hobbies is “How do they manage their time in the hobbies, without encroach necessary things”

    If you can do it, your hobbies go well. But not everyone can do that all in their lifetime. So, sometimes we need to rest them and do the other things.

    Everything can start, and stop. I do not mind you if you will not do them. Let you do your necessary business.

    Hope I see your great work again, guuchan.

  3. A pity! LonE has been one of the long-time names in our musical world, and the most consistent in quality, speed and comprehensiveness. You have our greatest respect.

    You will be missed.

  4. Indeed its a pity that you are going into hibernation since LonE is the only group I’ve known to release lossless music consistently (excluding the random EAC uploads) at Tokyo Toshokan.

    Sigh, back to square one to hunting lossless music.

    Though it does make me wonder, is it IRL issues or funds for the site / bots / server / hosting / CD purchases which result in this?

    Hope to see you back in full force soon

  5. I wish you all the best, and want to extend my sincere gratitude for all you’ve done. I will surely miss your releases and await your return n____n

  6. Thanks for what you’ve done. Somehow I thought it would last forever, but alas, that was just wishful thinking. I haven’t felt that bad since AMSU had stopped releasing…
    I remember asking for a new release in your IRC channel awhile ago. Boy, I was really glad to see you posting that (whatever it was) on TT soon after.

    [LonE] tag has always been [TopQuality] for me, I will definitely miss your releases. Best regards, hopefully we’ll see more of that LonE quality in the future.

  7. >but since I’m the main ripper and I will be taking a long break, you can expect a major decline in LonE’s activeness.

    it’s sad…….really sad 😦

  8. Nooooo ;____;
    All this time I’ve always relied on your releases for FLAC songs…

    All the best for you then, and hopefully your long break may end sooner :p

  9. ;__;

    We all hope you’ll return soon after the long break. Thanks for all your and LonE’s effort in releasing musics so far.

  10. It’s been 2 years following your release… but what can i say… everything will come to an end… thanks for all your released and effort, good luck guu-chan!!!

  11. can’t say much…..
    but, you will be missed
    good luck IRL, and thank you for the lossless audio untill now

  12. Thank you guys for the blessings. 🙂 For those who wonder, I’m taking the break due to real-life reason. I am starting a new life at somewhere completely different which might end up as a huge turning point of my life. Even though it might not look like so, doing this is extremely time costly. Apart from doing dual releases of lossless and mp3s, I spend time to lookup or research for the CD-related anime/game material whenever I’m not completely sure about a certain track’s title, and time is something that will be scarce in my new life. As for LonE itself, we have actually been going stronger and stronger thanks to increasing resources such as contributions. I would like to take this chance to thank all those who contributed, including a few of the CDs that I have never got around to release. But most of all, I would like to thank hmtx^mokkori for providing the box and all the bandwidth for XDCC and seeding. Without him, LonE would have never come this far.

  13. Even though I’ve never really talked in here, I feel as though I should say something.

    But all I can really say is, thank you. Your lossless releases were something to look forward to, and the quality was always top-notch. Without you, I wouldn’t be exposed to so many different artists, not to mention finding the OP and ED songs to various eroge.

    So, thank you, and good luck in life guuchan. Hope to see LonE back in business soon.

  14. Thank you very much guuchan, since you always providing scans to your release, and that was my biggest happiness. I like romanizing songs, and put it in my own blog. Too bad a lot of good song was scanless, and that making me frustrated, but not by you.

    Maybe that’s the only things that I can write here, since everyone above me already said all of it.

    Last, we will be missing you. Good luck, guuchan. d^^b

  15. Thank you guuchan, I’ve always been impressed by the quality of your releases.
    I believe we’ll be able to talk in IRC from time to time? Or are you going completely offline? :<

  16. Thanks for everything you and the LonE team has done these last five years. LonE’s releases were always my first preference when it came to music for quality and consistency. And I still remember you taking the time to get me the kanji lyrics to Solitude when I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Thanks again for that. =]

    I wish you the best of luck wherever your new direction in life takes you and hope to see you back someday. ^.^

  17. What a pity! I have followed you for nearly two years and most of my music collection come from your rips. You are truly one of the most devoted people in tokyotoshokan and have a really good taste. Thanks for everything and hope you will come back one day.

  18. Thank you guuchan… T.T I can’t imagine how should I continue my music collection without LosslessONE, other than collecting physical disc.

  19. zannen da nee…

    but, i have nothing to complain about it
    wish u luck on RL 😉
    and hope you to return soon, i miss ur mp3 releases ;_;

  20. Five years my ass, Guu. At least come back and say hi after you’re done and settled. Or heads will roll.

    *obligatory Haruhi reference*

  21. What a pity 😦 after hearing your announcement today (after taking my break).
    Thank you very much for sharing the music free.
    It had made me love n craze for j-music (anime.game.movie.etc) even greater than mainstream English pop-songs out there.
    I learned most of the kanji with your scanned booklets and, get excellent results in j-lessons. Honestly.

    Best of the best wishes from me. Good luck.

    PS: I hope you’ll have second thoughts and come back by surprise. >.<

  22. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I wish you all the best with your life endeavors. You will surely be missed.

  23. the underlying theme in brave song is the one immortal who is left behind by all the other mortals who died. the walking in front part was referring to being alive in the future. the english translation kinda lost these underlying theme….

    and yeah i absolutely loved brave song as well.

  24. Long time leecher here – you’ve taken appreciation to the next level!

    And I agree you’ll be missed

    Thanks guu-chan

  25. Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put in, guuchan. I’ve leeched many albums from LonE over the years and I appreciate the high quality releases you managed to put out every time. I wish you the best of luck and hope things go well for you in real life.

  26. Thank You, for all of your FLAC and Mp3
    we’ll miss you

    But Still, Your Collection’s get five stars, in my favorite music list..

  27. Thank you so much for providing music for the leeching masses. Your work was greatly appreciated, and I especially loved your mp3 player collection. Thanks for sharing. =)

  28. nooooooooo..

    thanks for things that I’ve download all along this time. for real, from one month ago i was going to download a lot from lone, since i get myself a modem, private use one.

    i like lone because they provide me with numerous albums or singles from my favorite artist. and lone– is the best provider that i know. maybe with some click here and there on tt will do, but there’s no better thing than lone’s releases.

    guuuuuu-chan, come back and say hi if u can, and do release more loseless album, i’ll still wait for another release!

  29. While you are taking a break, is there a way to contribute to LonE? Like upping classic anime and seiyuu albums? And if so, what would be the procedure?

  30. it so late to say but “Thank you” for all FLAC.
    if i don’t know lone I won’t be love lossless and collect it.

  31. Late to read this post…
    and late for thank you.

    I haved followed LonE a long time, if I haven’t meet LonE, I won’t be love lossless and the FLAC format.

    Thank you!
    a hongkong downloader

  32. Awwww…..
    LonE’s always been my #1 source of top quality music. I’m going to miss you guys. Hope you enjoy your break.
    BTW, if anyone figures out who the mantle of #1 lossless anime music uploader has been passed to, please post it here.

  33. Thank you very much.
    I’ll miss you and your release.
    For now, I’ll be looking forward to your personal picks.
    Good luck out there, OK?

  34. Good luck with your life and I hope that you come back eventually. You always releases things no one else did and of course at better quality.

  35. Thank you for all the music, guu. I always look at LonE when I am in need of music, and it has never disappointed. I wish you luck in your irl endeavors, and I hope to see you on the internet again in the distant future. 🙂

  36. Damn it…

    If you ripped Angel Beats album “Keep the Beats”, then I would be more than happy to see you off… not that you’re actually leaving right?

    Anyway, it is disappointing, but there’s no helping it. But I wished some previous files were reseeded so I can downoad them…

  37. No wonder that I didn’t see any updates lately.
    Anyway, thank you for your hard work to release so many Anime music for thousands of Anime fans!

    I’m grateful to your work & I’m sure everyone does!

    Wish you a good future & a great summer holiday!

  38. Just found out about this post. Thanks for your work over the years. We really appreciate your releases. Have a nice break and we hope to see more releases from you soon.

  39. ok…..i just want to say thanks 4 ur hardwork…

    i can listen to my lovely Angel Beats! lossless from you…

    thanks…..just thanks……:)

  40. Thanks a lot for keeping the site up. Guess I’ve discovered the place a little late, but I’m definitely grateful you’re still keeping the material available for us. 🙂

  41. The decline is certainly great.. It’s sad that you’re not providing mp3 compilation of late since I had always loved it.
    Certainly this is late, though.. Thanks for all the uploads all this time. Have fun with your new life!

  42. Regarding Anon’s comment above… it would be nice to see some of the older material re-seeded. However, it would probably be better to remove the dead individual albums, and make group torrents out of music from the same series’ and/or game producers… i.e., putting all the “Angel Beats” albums in a single torrent, all the “Prism Ark” in another, etc.

    If done, this might require help from your fans out here on the net, as it could be a bit of work.

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