GWAVE 2009 1st Ace

Yes, I know I haven’t done any GWAVE for a while. I didn’t really plan to do this one either, but after seeing the tracklist, I decided to. If you have been following game songs, quite a few of them should be familiar to you. In fact, we have released the singles of some of the songs, such as “Promise -Tsukiyo no Kioku-” and “Shukufuku no Campanella“. Let’s take a look at the full tracklist:

1. Flyable Heart [KIYO]
2. see-saw!! [Chata]
3. Primary [Rita]
4. Promise -Tsukiyo no Kioku- [Satou Hiromi x NANA]
5. reach for the runway [Rita]
6. Natsuiro Straight! [Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets]
7. Shukufuku no Campanella [Satou Hiromi & NANA]
8. Papiliones [Itou Kanako]
9. Towararebito [YuNa]
10.Eternal recurrence [Hashimoto Miyuki]
11.Jounetsu no Wobble [Kicco]
12.Piecework [Rin]
13.Tabidachi no Yoake [Rita]
14.Call my name [Inoue Miyu x team Love Bullets]
16.PrincessParty -Seishun Kinshirei- [Ayu+Miru+Ruu+Yukaina Nakamatachi]

This time I’m not going to recommend any specific songs, the whole album is just pretty nice in general. It does live up to the album title, “1st Ace (of 2009)”.

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