Sakakibara Yui – You I -Sweet Tuned by 5pb.-

Yes, there’s a lot of yuinyan lately, but most of you don’t mind, do you? Anyway, here comes her new album. It’s mainly a compliation album with songs that should be familiar to you, plus 3 new songs. Let’s take a look at the tracklist:

2. Toki no Nai Sekai
3. Happiness Houteishiki
4. Soshite Boku ha…
5. Silky Rain
7. Magical Generation
8. Distance
10.Deja vu
11.Koi no Honoo
12.Natsu no Inori
13.Eien no Koi
14.Eternal Snow
15.You I -we will be together-

Track 1, 6, and 15 are the new songs. I just finished a game lately that’s full of yuinyan, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, so I will refrain from making negative comments. No, the new songs are not bad or anything per se, just… yeah, I will save the comments. 😛

8 thoughts on “Sakakibara Yui – You I -Sweet Tuned by 5pb.-

  1. I wish she did more songs similar to “Unmei no Farfalla” … given that she does have a few good squeaky songs, most of them seem to be a waste of her awesome voice. 😦

  2. @tama: both the OP and ED are performed by her, and both main characters are voiced by her (which account to over 95% of the voiced lines). Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? 😛 In fact, our BGM of the month is also from that game.

  3. @Raiko, I totally agree. She’s not a high squeaky soprano, she’s an alto and her low voice (a la PHANTASM) is 9000 times better than when she’s trying to ‘fit in’ with the current trends and sing high, cutesy shit.

    Sigh, desu~

  4. Haven’t listened to the BGM (I’ll get too it in a bit) but I’ll take an educated from my obsessive playing of VN’s and say it’s a certain game about incest and nurses.

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