DDL for FLAC + New additions to mp3 player

Thanks to kache for providing the space, we are once hosting the FLAC files for DDL again (and mp3 too, of course). You can find the links on our Download page. While uploading the files to our new space, I have added 3 more songs to the collection.

1. Inori [KOKIA] (her own performance of the Gundam song she wrote for Feldt Grace)
2. Kimi no Koe [Heart] (if not because it’s featured in one of the late albums, I had totally forgotten this song ^^;. Btw, I did think about adding “Through the Years & Far Away” before, but the Engrish of the song just really bugs me)
3. Suzu no Naru Basho [Rita] (a very heartwarming song. It’s just impossible for me to forget about this song once I heard it)

3 thoughts on “DDL for FLAC + New additions to mp3 player

  1. The pleasure is mine.
    This collection is the only thing I’m listening since you created it (months ago)… 😀
    I hope you will add more songs soon! 😀

  2. Thanks kache and guuchan for the flac DDL. I’ve been looking for the lossless versions of Saeko Chiba’s “Hikari” and “Hajimari no Keshiki” (amongst other songs) for a while now without much luck. You guys are both awesome!

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