KOKIA – Coquillage -The Best Collection II-

Almost 4 years after releasing “pearl -The Best Collection-“, here finally comes the second one. And it’s not disappointing at all.

1. Inori
2. Ave Maria
3. Atatakai Basho
4. song of pocchong~Shizuku no Uta
5. Douke
6. What a wonderful world
7. Kono Mune no Kurushimi ga Itooshii Hodo ni Ikite
8. Nukumori -aigakikoeru- (with strings)
9. infinity
10.say goodbye & good day
11.Chiisana Uta
12.Sekai no Owari ni
13.Kokoro no Rousoku

Special Limited Disc
1. Arigatou… (the Coquillage edtion)
2. Candle in the Heart

I pretty much like the whole album, but my favorites are track 1 “Inori” and track 10 “say goodbye & good day”. For “Inori”, it’s was actually first performed by someone else. If you still remember the Gundam 00 Voice Actor Single of Feldt Grace, the song was first featured there, sung by Takagahi Ayahi. However, for KOKIA to perform it herself (as a side note, the music and lyrics are written by her too), this is the first time. No offense to Takagahi, but KOKIA’s version is way, way more enjoyable. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “KOKIA – Coquillage -The Best Collection II-

  1. KOKIA is among my favorite singers, along with Kawai Eri, Sakamoto Maaya and Mizuki Nana.
    Judging from the track list, my favorite song in this album is pocchong, I really enjoy both the original and the version on Fairy Dance, but overall my favorite KOKIA song must be either I believe ~umi no soko kara~ or kirari.
    I’m looking forward to listening to this CD.

  2. Just added it to my library and been listening for a few minutes. It’s really amazing, I’m loving it by the minute!!

    Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  3. KOKIA = <3. Great compilation album, thanks for sharing! I like KOKIA's version of Inori more too. I kind of wish that "Ningen tte Sonna Mono ne" made it onto here, but oh well. Definitely no complaints about this CD. ^.^

  4. A good compilation indeed. Although I personally hoped to see “Mou Aisenai” on the tracklist. One of her best and most beautiful songs.

  5. “Say goodbye & good day”, “Infinity” and one songs from the previous album “AKIKO-KOKIA” is “Bridge” were my fav in my tracklists.

  6. I wonder hwo the track list was chosen, since I love it that What a wodnerful world is on here, even though it wasn’t originally her song I believe, but her single song “Kimi wo Sagashite” didn’t make it(even though I love that song as well)

  7. i love her beautiful voice. i even dedicated my whole directory to save her albums, photos, and videos. but i still not satisfied yet. Bcoz i couldn’t get the original album or dvd. ist impossible to get it in my place. and i dont have much money to afford it.
    btw, i like infinity most. if you listen carefully, there is slight change in the lyric from previous album. in the middle of the lyric. “Anata wa anata hitori dake” changed to: “watashi wa watashi hitori dake”. great i think.

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