New Background Music

Since October BGM was a pretty hard one, I gave you guys an extra month to figure it out (ok, ok, I admit that wasn’t exactly the truth. I was just lazy ^^;). After an eventful November, it has finally come to the last month of this year. Time just seems to pass so fast this year that I feel like nothing has really happened for the past 11 months. Anyway, it’s December after all, it’s Christmas, so we have to play something related to it, naturally. You might not recall the track title, you might not know which album it’s from, but you will at least recognize which series it’s from. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

3 thoughts on “New Background Music

  1. OMG, THIS!!

    Tenmon / Eiichiro Yanagi followers should recognize this instantly.
    This is so epic, I guess I should re-watch the anime soon, not to mention the visual novel once translation is complete.

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