Elements Garden II -TONE CLUSTER-

If you still remember, we have released thir first album about a year ago (that time this blog hadn’t existed yet). These albums are basically collections of songs written by members of Elements Garden. For this 2nd one, the tracklist is as below, with singer’s name in [ ]:

1. introduction
2. Deus Ex Machina [Kageyama Hironobu]
3. Tazunebito [Veil ∞ Lia]
4. Hoshi ni Negai wo [NANA]
6. Arcadia Parade [Katakiri Rekka]
7. Try on! [NANA]
8. Tears in snow [Satou Hiromi]
9. Choushinsei -Super Nova- [Takahashi Chiaki]
10.Flare Complex [NANA]
11.Garnet Cradle [Nagase Hiroki]
12.Border -Kyoukai- [Yada Mico]
13.Silent Snow [Rita]
14.Amber World [Satou Hiromi]
15.STAR LEGEND [Sakakibara Yui]
16.Shukufuku no Campanella [Satou Hiromi & NANA]

If you have been following our releases, you should have heard some of them before, such as “Tazunebito” and “Shukufuku no Campanella”. Personally I like those two and “Tears in snow” the most from this album.

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