New Background Music

Quite a few people had said August BGM sounded familiar, but they couldn’t recall where it’s from even after I gave them a hint that it’s from an anime. Well, it’s no surprise since the anime wasn’t exactly a very well-known one (I do recommend the show nevertheless). However, it was written by a well-known composer, Katakura Mikiya. He also wrote the soundtracks of AVENGER and Kaibutsu Ojou. The name still doesn’t ring a bell? Then how about introducing him as the composer of ALI PROJECT? I think I just saw a few “Ahhhh!” faces there. 🙂

As for this month’s BGM, since September is the beginning of the season fall, I picked it from a game (series) that is heavily related to fall. The music, of course, also closely resembles the feeling of fall season. Click “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

3 thoughts on “New Background Music

  1. I was looking for this OST … a long time but couldn’t get anything. Can I have this OST ? Thanks anyway. And sorry for spam… 😦

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