New Background Music

Other than a certain someone who got lots of hints and accidentally found out the May BGM, I wonder how many of you have figured out. Anyway, so the hot summer has come. Don’t you feel like laying back, appreciate the beautiful summer scenery (if there’s any around you), and just be relaxed and lazy? If you do, then this month’s summer-feel-filled BGM is perfect for you. It’s very likely you have heard it before already, but I doubt you would mind listening to it again, and again. Cick “Background Music” on the right under the link section to listen to it now.

4 thoughts on “New Background Music

  1. Kevin, view the page source (individual bgm pages) and copy paste the mp3 link to your address bar.

    And, yes, I confirmed it as semigoromo from AIR OST (track 16)

    I still like natsukage and enishi better than this bgm, tho.

  2. @Keven: what Anonymous said.

    @Anonymous: we already had a BGM before of Natsukage arrangement. Enishi is a good summer BGM too but it sounds… how to put it… a bit too “classic” that doesn’t really fit the blog.

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