yozuca* 10th Anniversary Best – enjoy & piece

Here comes the 2 best albums of yozuca, the girl who got famous from DC. I mean, 10 of the 17 songs on “enjoy” and 7 of the 14 songs on “piece” are related to DC after all (by the way, can you recognize all of them without looking up?), I doubt anyone would disagree. Let’s take a look what songs are included on these 2 albums.

Tracklist of “enjoy”:
1. Da Capo -Dai 2 Button no Chikai-
2. Fragment -The heat haze of summer-
3. Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume
4. Special Day -Taiyou no Kamisama-
5. Sakurairo no Kisetsu
6. Chering
7. Tatta Hitotsu Dake
8. Kirameku
9. Da Capo II -Asaki Yumemishi Kimi to-
10.Shukufuku no Uta
11.Happy my life -Thank you for everything!!-
12.believe yourself
13.Sakura Kimi ni Emu
14.true love song
15.Sakura Amaneku Sekai
16.love mind
17.Reality awake

Comments for “enjoy”:
1. One of the most famous DC songs, also one of the songs with most potential to go onto my mp3 player (don’t ask me why it’s not on there yet);
2. yozuca version of the very famous Suika song;
3. The, the, the, the, the most famous DC song. If one day yozuca forgets how to sing this song, it must be the end of DC world (which might actually be a good news :P);
6. I believe it should be “Chain Ring”, but I’d go with the pronounciation;
7. This song is on the Edelweiss vocal album we released before, if I remember correctly. It’s not something you would expect from the song title.

Tracklist of “piece”:
1. Natsu no Owari ni…
2. Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume acoustic ver.
3. Ai no Hane
4. Akai Ito
5. Dear your mind
6. Hitorigoto
7. Tanpopo no Wataboushi
8. Ai no Tane
9. Kioku no Umi
11.Itoshii Hito yo -I want to sing for you-
14.Da Capo II -Asaki Yumemishi Kimi to- piano ver.

Comments for “piece”:
1. A poetry-like song from Suika. Along with “Natsu ga Kureta Okurimono”, they are my most favorite Suika songs from yozuca. If you haven’t noticed by now, Suika has quite some really nice songs;
2. Accoustic arrangement is like the modern trend. I have to admit most of the times I don’t really like them, but this one impresses me. It’s a pretty interesting arrangement;
7. Believe it or not, this song is from the game “Summer Days” (don’t recognize the game title? *coughniceboatcough*);
9. *watches the boat sails to the sea of memory*.

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