Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- Original Soundtrack

Here comes the high profile OST, featuring some well-known singers performing the image songs. Notice that the OP&ED here are only game sizes. Just recently we released its OP & ED single, so if you want the full size of that 2 songs, you should get that single.

Disc.1 features the vocal songs and their instrumental arrangements, while Disc.2 features the BGMs:

1. Kono Koe ga Todoitara (Game ver.) [eufonius, OP]
2. Candy girl [Kase Aina, Asato Rina IM]
3. Rainbow [Shimotsuki Haruka, Nagahashi Ryou IM]
4. Manten no Hoshi [Mitose Noriko, Akebi Yusa IM]
5. Tsubomi [Duca, Chigusa Nanami IM]
6. cotton candy [Chata, Yamabuki Renge IM]
7. Hoshi no Pulse (Game ver.) [eufonius, ED]
8. Candy girl (Inst Arrange ver.)
9. Candy girl (heartful ver.)
10.Rainbow (Inst Arrange ver.)
11.Rainbow (heartful ver.)
12.Manten no Hoshi (Inst Arrange ver.)
13.Manten no Hoshi (heartful ver.)
14.Tsubomi (Inst Arrange ver.)
15.Tsubomi (heartful ver.)
16.cotton candy (Inst Arrange ver.)
17.cotton candy (heartful ver.)

1. Sawayaka na Asa
2. Tanoshii Yokan
3. Nodoka na Hiruyasumi
4. Minna de Daran
5. Shizuka na Yoru
6. Kokoro no Sukima
7. Ounou Suru Koigokoro
8. Candy girl (serious ver.)
9. Rainbow (serious ver.)
10.Manten no Hoshi (serious ver.)
11.Tsubomi (serious ver.)
12.cotton candy (serious ver.)
13.Kioku no Kakera
14.Hakugin Seika
15.Itoshii Anata
16.Kasanaru Omoi
17.Mune Ippai no Omoi

Putting the OP&ED aside, personal favorite is Renge’s IM performed by Chata. Ryou’s IM, performed by Shimotsuki Haruka, is a simple yet cute (the cheerful-kind of cute) song; Nanami’s IM, performed by Duca, is as impressive as her other songs; however, to me, Chata’s “cotton candy” is the best at the end of the day. In addition to the beautiful melody (with a little sadness), the lyrics also depicts an extremely visual, beautiful prospect. It’s a song that brings you enjoyment both melodically and “visually”. How about you, which IM you like the best? Let us know by voting below and share your thoughts with us in comments.

3 thoughts on “Canvas3 -Hakugin no Portrait- Original Soundtrack

  1. I like cotton candy the most too~ followed by Manten no Hoshi.
    Seems like many people like Rainbow though? Personally not liking Rainbow that much.

  2. Yeah, for me it’s followed by “Tsubomi”. I suspect most pick “Rainbow” because of Shimotsukin. I might translate the lyrics of “cotton candy” sometime so more people can get the beauty of it. By the way, for those who don’t understand Japanese, “cotton candy” is not singing about marshmallow. 😛

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